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"There is no feeling quite as thrilling as the feeling of overcoming life's greatest challenges."

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    It's Alive!

    Goddamn, I feel like Frankenstein's monster or a zombie or something. Anyway, I'm making this blog post to let anyone who may be following me know that I am indeed alive, and I have returned to write more stories. :) In addition to writing new stories, I will also be revising and completing my previous stories, as my style has evolved in the last couple years. I hope you guys like what I have

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    I hope you like the changes I make,

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    This is some OC rating chart thing made by Crimson Eon. Go pester him if you have questions about it. I'm sure he won't mind. :rainbowwild:
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    I Need 1 More Destiny Player

    As the title says, I need 1 more Destiny player. Someone looking to do the raids and stuff. I play PS4, so if anyone wants to play, let me know. Once we have a full group, we can plan when we're going to do the raids. But yeah, let me know, guys. ^^,

    P.S: You have NO idea how hard it is to find 5 other people who want to do the raids in Destiny on PS4 on this site. Jeezum.

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NEW BEST PONY! And Best Ship. · 5:20pm May 17th, 2015


For those of you who don't know, Night Glider was in the Season 5 premiere, and helped return the Mane Six's cutie marks. She is just awesome, and cute!

And new Best Ship is:

DoubleGlider! I think these two are just so cute together! In fact, be on the lookout for a short story or something involving heavy DoubleGlider shipping.

So, yeah, be on the lookout for a new story, guys. Thanks, and see ya 'round!
~ Cupid

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Comments ( 13 )

DoubleGlider or NightDiamond woot! :pinkiehappy:
I agree Night Glider is a good pony definitely one of my top 5. :twilightsmile:
Most likely number 2 though. :twilightsheepish:
Nopony beats Luna. :heart:

Fair enough. They're both awesome, though~ ^^,

>actually choosing a pony over fluttershy
who are you and where is Cupid?

XD Well, nopony can beat Fluttershy. It's just a given that she's the best.


3080419 *realizes what your username is*
OMC, :rainbowlaugh: I forgot to look at your username, I forgot who you were.
nice to talk to you again, Cupid

3080419 debatable, but whatever. I'll let you have your fantasies:twilightsmile:

3080936 :pinkiesmile:
How are things goin?

3085309 Pretty good,

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