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The Dirty Deal You've never heard. · 4:18pm May 9th, 2015

Recently, Out Congress Agree to Fast Track the TPP and for Some of Ponies who haven't watch closely on the royalist on Net Naturality. The TPP (Trans-Pracfic Partnership) has Congress talking about Everybody along the stuff we care and simply it could destroy the society we all know and love. Decromic and republican have a All-out brawl on the deal that could change the system. The TPP have a list of Deals that are harmful, yet powerful that could corrupt the system we abuse everyday. The TPP includes the laws that could censor the web for ponies who upload any copyright material. Since as Episodes, Movies, Music, and Other Media we used. For example, The Deal was sign today you could be send to Jail for Downloading a episode from a browser (same for Uploading) The Deal is labelled as the Free Trade Agreement but this is not free for everypony. But is costs everypony freedom and Pravicy. But a Powerful force want the deal sign and sealed Forever and by forever I mean FOREVER. There's no expiration date and no Loophole and without our voice the deal is going get signed hooves down. You Learn more and Join the Fight by Visit www.battleforthefuture.com Or just Click Here.

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