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    so im looking for a fic

    as the title says im looking for a fic. all i remember of it was that twilight and friends go to canterlot only for twilight to get killed and after waking up in a strange room goes through a kind of time loop of the day she died trying to avoid her death and catch her killer. all i also remember was it being based on a video game so yeah any help would be appreciated.

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  • 59 weeks
    Escape room challenge!


    Thats right bronies and pegasisters! I'm starting a challenge and for it I'm going to start a group dedicated to escape room stories. I want it to be a shared universe for the stories so let me tell you the rules of this challenge.

    1st rule: the escape room can only have a minimum of six puzzles, maximum is eight per room.

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  • 253 weeks
    Ganbarizing Rewrite!

    That's right folks I'm rewriting ganbarizing as I kinda realized I didn't have a exact path for the story and with the permission of a certain fan comic author I'm placing my Ganbaride character in a slightly different setting. So bear with me on this.

    Changes I made are: different character for the main character, new cast for the story, and minor differences for events.

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    fire emblem on deviant art

    okay so someone on deviant is making a fire emblem play-through and as i was the first to get interested they asked me to spread it around and who better then doing a blog from my various accounts that actually has a blog. im going to leave the link to the post itself here.fire emblem

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  • 315 weeks
    Ghost clips!

    Well I just checked Jefusion and we finally get a full transformation clip for kamen rider ghost. I immediately saw a kingdom hearts reference alongside a faiz reference in the transformation. The faiz reference was that like faiz a design appears then a flash creating the suit but the kingdom hearts reference was that pre-damashii form resembles vanitas in full costume quite a lot. Now that I

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new stories I'm working on and a update on a key in equestria · 10:46am May 8th, 2015

Okay guys besides my alternate me displaced I'm doing for the story maretroplolis cyber sleuth I'm currently working on a displaced story that will possibly get you excited. I'm doing kaizoku sentai gokaiger! With how much we are doing tokusatsu in this genre with kamen rider and power rangers I decided to jump on the band wagon with super sentai. Now things are going to be different a bit. The ranger keys got scattered and the team with the mane six and spike have to go look for them. But with basco on the loose it's going to be a hard time just to even get all 232 keys from getting into basco's hands. If you guys want to help out I wouldn't mind as I forget what some of the teams are like as I came into super sentai with go-onger. Im calling this story equestria's kaizoku sentai.

Not only that but I decided to try a kamen rider ganbarising displaced story as I just found out about the new system for it. I'm thinking of calling it kamen rider riser.

As for how I'm doing with a key in equestria that's going to be slow as I'm doing two arcs at the same time. The memory of the past and the main story. Frankly I'm getting really good at crossovers like this. It's my favorite kind of stuff to get me hyped.

On a unrelated note apparently I'm really good at a Naruto five nights at Freddy's crossover with my story the animatronic ninja. I'm going to be surprised if I get a tropes page for the mechanics I put in there.

here's the link for you Fnaf fans.

Well see you guys if I managed to get the kamen rider riser story done soon along with Equesteia's Kaizoku Sentai.

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