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I am sort of an amateur writer but I love creative writing. Especially about topics that I love.

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Middle School... · 11:41pm May 6th, 2015

That's right folks, this is a topic I need to discuss today with someone. Anyone who understands my pain! Some feel like it is the same as elementary school, some feel it is the same as high school. And some feel like they are just in the middle and need to figure out which side to lean to. Now first the ones who feel like they are still in elementary school.
These people are a bit childish but they are are still good people to hang around with. They don't really understand their responsibilities but they somehow make it through the year. But one downside is they can't keep up with extra work, harder courses, and switching classes every 50 minutes or so. They're usually the smallest set of people in the school, I'd say a small handful of 6th graders, maybe one or two 7th and 8th grader in each homeroom. But either way there still isn't many and they are rare to stumble upon. They act like this in the beginning of the year and then adjust to one of the other two groups around the beginning of the 2nd semester.
Now to the people who feel like they are in high school. Usually this is the largest group of people in the school. Once they are in middle school the first thought that runs into their minds is that they're free. They will act mature because they think they are older and have more say in what they are aloud to do. They are also usually the slackers, but not all.
If anyone has heard of high school drama then this is the fake version. People think they are tough enough to fight, drink, pretty much everything they are too young to do. This is pretty much most of the school. And this isn't stereotypical. Nope. But I wish it was.
Then last there are the people in the middle. They are usually the calm and controlled students who are responsible, mature but each individual still has their faults. There are a handful of those in the whole school.
I might go further into detail in the future about the different types but I just had to get this off of my chest. My friend spilled yogurt on my laptop and my other friend brought whiskey to school. Luckily me and my other friend took it and threw it in the trash. Sad part is her dad gave it to her. I just needed to vent. :twilightblush:

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Well, I'm glad someone finally went and talked about this! Very accurate observations, my friend. The group of students who 'think they're in highschool' really tick me off because they're always spewing anything that has to do with sex. :ajbemused: They think that displaying vast knowledge of sexual maturity is going to make people think they they are more adult, but it honestly only makes them look more childish because their desperation to be adult is painfully obvious. I once tried to point this out in a speech for public speaking class, along with all the ways that the manipulative social structure was dysfunctional...but that was met with roaring laughter and mockery. :ajsmug: Oooooof course. People don't like to have unfortunate facts thrown in their faces.
I do hope you've managed to at least find a few decent friends among the ugliness that is Middle School.

3050631 A few of my friends aren't like that, but I learned to tolerate the ones who do :facehoof: But I hope everthing is going great, good, decent in your school too. :pinkiehappy:

3050677 Haha :twilightsmile: Nobody's been shot yet, so I'm good.

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