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1 AM: Fun AM, Finally-Got-It-Done-AM · 6:25am May 6th, 2015

Whooo, turned in my last essay for my last class and am officially done with finals. Brain is fried, am in drunken haze of sleep deprivation, have picture story.

Hey story time

Once upon a time like a year ago Thor: The Dark World was coming to theaters, and I was really flipping excited.

Yay movie. Thor’s my favorite because mythology. Now, Marvel is really good with their marketing (except for their Guardians of the Galaxy trailers, which did the movie no justice), so they were having contest after contest to promote the coming norse goodness. This was one such contest:

nothing much. Just a t-shirt sweepstakes (you could enter eight times or so, random drawing, absolutely no reason to go overboard with your entries)

I went overboard with my entries.

My Minivengers have taken Loki. Please send help via t-shirt.

Oh yeah, I crochet/knit/got my pink plastic knitting needles confiscated by the TSA when I was nine years old, flying out to visit my grandparents. I am also proud to announce that my handwriting has improved.

Day 2.Loki still being held for ransom. Please send help via t-shirt.

Day 3. Minivengers are not relenting. Please send help via t-shirt.

Day 4. The situation is not improving. Please send help via t-shirt.

Day 5. Beginning to fear for Loki’s safety. Please send help via t-shirt.

Day 6. Things are getting out of hand. Please send help via t-shirt.

Day 7. The situation is growing extreme. Please send help via t-shirt.

Day 8. Loki still held for ransom. Not sure how much longer this can go on.


Yeah so I didn’t win that shirt because it was a random drawing but that’s okay because stuff happened and I was the little engine that could and eventually wound up winning another contest that was way more cool and exciting. don't give up kids:

Burdened with glorious merchandise

but that’s a totally different story that requires dramatic setup and a small documentary and my sentence structure has decayed to the point of embarrassment so now is not the time.

Thanks to the ponky ponk, horizon, Georg, JohnPerry, Pykrete, Zetrien, and Jorlem for recommending Records of an Academy Disaster on their respective blogs, blogs, blogs, Fic Flop #6, page 4628 of tvtropes MLP discussion thingy, and page 108 of the MLP Rec Thread on spacebattles.com
You guys are the real MVPs.

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Comments ( 12 )

Yes all of the Norse mythologies.

Poor Loki appears to be in a bind, though.

3048570 It's all good, he's living in England now. Internet giveaways saved his life.

Plot twist. That wasn't the real Loki.

Are they ever not going to fall for that?

This story displays SO MUCH of your talent. I love this. If it weren't 5am I'd go into more detail. Just know that YOU'RE AWESOME and these stories are AWESOME. Hilarious idea. You've got a knack for unique presentation.

Hah, that series of pics is hilarious! I would have given you the T-shirt if I had been on the jury there.

So, anyway... have you knitted any ponies yet?

Author Interviewer

I love how Hulk's signature gets more and more out of hand as time goes.

3048583 Probably never. And I will laugh, every time.

3048786 5 AM? ewwwwww.
Awh, you're such a dear. Thank you so much. :twilightsmile:

3049231 I have not. I had to make my own pattern for the Minivengers, which wasn't too bad because you can basically crochet them from the feet to the neck, then the head, then all the details; the stitching's only going in two directions (one, really, since it's more or less reversible.) Ponies... Gah. Just looking at the body shape makes me a fingerache. I'll give it a shot this summer, though. And if it turns out poorly you will probably never see hide nor hair of it.

3049236 I accidentally dropped him in the bathtub while taking the picture for Day 4, so he probably wouldn't have been too happy in the later pictures. You can't see it in the images, but in one of the notes, his signature starts out as "Bru-" then switches over to scribbles.


You can't see it in the images, but in one of the notes, his signature starts out as "Bru-" then switches over to scribbles.

Day eight?

3050934 Ah, so that was it! Good eyes.

Awesome stuff XD.

I love that the Hulk's signature goes even more crazy than normal in pic #6,
and that Thor's is written in Norse runes hahaha.

Congrats on your t-shirt, thanks for sharing the pics, and...
Oh, yeah. I'll read that story sometimes. Maybe ^^.

Decaying sentence structure? There's an app for that!
Actually, there's not, but there should be :D.

Thor signing his name in runes is a great touch. :rainbowkiss:

3051646 I have absolutely no luck with grammar apps ehehe. Thanks! It's one of my favorite shirts.

3053749 Ha, thanks! Little details like that make it really fun. :rainbowdetermined2:

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