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A Brony in Italy: Milan · 6:29pm Jul 17th, 2012

Howdy, mates! Nagagon from Italy, posting the first of a series of blog posts, as well as posting a bit on the updates of my crazy life.

So, Milan, huh? Luna's mane, is the city... familiar. No joke. Took me about an hour or two to actually understand I was in Italy. The cars look the same, the streets look alike, the language is similar to mine. Heck, they even have the same bad taste in commercials as Brazil! But then I went out to eat and thinks got different. Like, better :rainbowkiss:

It's nighttime, or so the clock said, because it was bright as hell. Sun went down abotu 22:00 o'clock. Well, it's nighttime, which means DINNER TIME!!!!! We head out to a restaurant and I order pizza. Cliché? Well, I'm in Italy, babe, YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!!


Forgive me. I shall never use the word 'babe' like that ever again.

So, I order pizza. It wasn't really expensive (wasn't cheap either) so I thought it'd like a big slice or a mini-pizza.

Boy, was I ever wrong...

It was a entire pizza on my plate!, and it also a very complex flavor: sausage, cheese, tomato sauce, mushrooms and eggs. Oh, and the eggs? Was in the middle of the pizza. semi-fried, not boiled.

And I ate the whole thing like a boss. Had dessert too. Best damn Profiterolis I've ever had.

Day 2 will continue, but with pictures! And now, a word from our sponsors!


Okay, what about interesting news? Violet Fire is moving along and my trip has given me an idea about how to end it. Well, I already had an idea on where it was going, but I had an idea for some scenes. Thank you castle-that-I-cannot-remember-the-name-even-if-at-gunpoint.

Also, I'm starting a podcast... type... thingy... stuff... pineapple. Well, It'll be more me rambling about fanfics, but whatever. When Episode 1 is done, I shall post it. Who knows? If I do it right, I could snicker get called by Everfree Radio and snicker it could become a weekly sneeker BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Sorry, sorry, I couldn't keep a straight face. Luna's mane, I tried. Valhalla Warriors, I haven't laughed like that in minutes! That's far too long.

Plus, I landed a SPFX animator gig! Well, I'm not getting paid, so I guess it can't be called a gig per se, but it's still experience and it will increase my portfolio, so all the better. First best part is, it's pony-related. Second best part is, it uses After Effects. Third, and top, best part is, I'm making the special effects for THIS PROJECT!!!!:yay: :rainbowkiss::raritystarry::ajsmug::pinkiehappy:

I think I'm gonna die with overwork, but it will be totally worth it. :derpytongue2:

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You're going to be on the double rainboom project?!! BOSS!:rainbowdetermined2: Can't wait for that thing to come out, so go for it! Hey, when you do the podcasts, let us know. I'm sure that some of the others wouldn't mind guest starring.:raritywink: Also, keep havin a good time in Italy!

You are headed home soon right? Can't wait to hear all of your adventures abroad. Tasting the locals, meeting the cuisine Ah, the good life...

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