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    Wasteland Lore 2: Weapons

    Hey, all of you. sorry for the slow updates and all but those who follow me hope this keep you over until the next post. Now many have read my story and the last blog post that the wasteland is not from any other video game or book it is my own take on it and what I think what it may have or not, ok lets get started.

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    hey everyone sorry for the slow updates.

    I blame myself on working on one two many fics here what the up coming fics are coming up right now am working on 4 here is a preview of them.

    1 clop fic my 1st

    3 HiE fics

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    My wasteland lore 1

    If you reading this you want to know how the wasteland i made was build ok am going to put it into a time land than after that i'll expace way it came to be. Also i'll talk about what lvl of tech they have


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    would you read this story?

    My story is about Ace Combat crossover. I call it Ace Combat: Fly Hope, The last time I post it I was not thinking srt8 so I just did a mass up job at it, but now I learn and taking slow and making sure the reader enjoy it.

    Also this story was the idea of this fic call Ace Combat: The Conversion Bureau, don't worry I asked 1st.

    Tag: romance, crossover, adventure, alternate universe, human

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Wasteland Lore 2: Weapons · 11:19pm May 1st, 2015

Hey, all of you. sorry for the slow updates and all but those who follow me hope this keep you over until the next post. Now many have read my story and the last blog post that the wasteland is not from any other video game or book it is my own take on it and what I think what it may have or not, ok lets get started.

Let's start off with what we all live is weapons or to be mean precise firearms.
In the great war (or WW3) ballistic science was skyrocket because of it and many new weapons have made their way into war. The key piece of the new weapon system was rail guns, rail guns have been in research during the start of the 20th century yes but it was weak and very heavy to be use as a useful weapon but as time goes on it during the start of world war 3 it become a great tool in warfare in adding more power to firearms of adding a barrel mod that allow the user to turn his plane old rifle into an anti-materiel rifle, all to do thank to the weapon mods.

No in the wasteland this weapon system is very rare to come by and hard to make but some have made their own rail gun system with makeshift parts and gear laying around the old abounded buildings and among other things.
many rail gun system made in the wasteland was powerful use but only useful to take out heavy armor targets and leak the refinement of the prewar tech of the old world, and not to say they leak the high fire rate that the prewar models but that's not to that if face someone with a rail gun will make sure they run in fire knowing that no matter what cover you take you be sure he can blast at it and still hit.

Now let us go to the next weapon that have been overlooked by many others was the air gun
Air guns
Airguns were use nothing more than game hunting to small game round of the 177 cal to 25 cal to the big game rounds of big bore air rifle of the 357 cal to the 75 cal
But after the nukes have made the world as it is air guns have made a deadly comeback, with engineer of the prewar days and the new one of the wasteland ear made great air rifle designs by turning old paintball guns into useful weapon in skilled hands. or making their own new designs.

Those air guns have many things have gone for it in the wasteland for one its cheap to build at time, if you want something to just put food on the table than a simple single shot is for you but if you want something for combat you have to pay more for a semi auto one.
Two its silent when it fires, it can become a good sniper weapon due to that fact only.
Three bullets, bullets for it are cheap to make and the cost of getting rounds one 5.56 can buy you about 500 rounds of copper or 100 rounds of prewar stainless steel BBs or if you want turn it into a grenade lancer.

now we move on to Chemical weapons

Chemical weapons follow in as fire, acid and more
there, not much to say about them really, there rarely use in the wasteland because of the cost of the weapons alone to be useful, at most the only useful one is the flame thrower on how useful it is to clear out mutant animal nest and in the battlefields of factions in the wasteland as a weapon to be fear because no one want to be burned alive.
Then we have Black Powder base weapons
This type area the cheapest next to air guns, people of the wasteland have this as a musket for game hunting or self denfth with an old cap and ball cap and ball revolver.
but some have to it to the next LVL with this weapon type and made full auto gentle shotguns or rifle. The shotgun base one use 410 ga shells for other reasons.

I would put crossbows in, but I leave that one to be put in a ch later on
well, what do you guys think?

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I had no idea what ANY of that said because your grammar is so bad nobody can fucking understand you!

3036317 you know what some have understood what I type so idk if it's just you and all but here's a thing am not going to stop.

Those who like my stories than good for them and all and that make me feel happy that someone like my work and all.

Look I may not be the best writer in the world but at least am trying and not trying at all is worser than not even doing it.

In all, that's what truly matter to me ok. Am going to keep on trying until one day I can be the best of something I love to do.


Is English your first language?

3036439 sadly yes but I could not say anything until I was 7 years old. I want you to know that not everyone can read or write as good ok.

I could not say a single word, not a god damn thing. You have any idea how hard that was.

For years, I've been trying to talk right and it was not until I was 14 that day I come where I can talk like anyone else. and it takes me 6 to 8 yrs just to get reading done right and I was only 8 when I can understand to read basic words.

it was not until I was 17 I can read like everyone else. I started writing when I was 14 and it was a mess a real mess that's was I only got D- and on lucky days a D+ in English class.

It may take me years to become good at writing but its one am willing to work for.

but in other areas like wood and metal working farm and math is where I got my As at

I can make clean cuts in metal that ever one ask how I did it and something in math.

But I pick the hard way the one I know that make me happy in the end.

I could have picked the one where I just give up on something I love to do and pick one where am best at become a business accounting or a builder that work on skyscrapers.

in the end I pick the one I know I'll be happy with.

sure working as a hot dog stand pay's well and I have fun with the job but I pick the one I know I be happy as to become an artist in making video games,books and more one day

3036439 sorry for that long history of my self but it needed to be said


I am sorry for acting like an asshole. Please, you don't have to forgive me after what I've said.

3039750 is alright really.

what you say was nothing what shit I have been in in the past but the past is the past and there nothing I can't do anything about it.

All I can do is move on with life and keep trying and trying until I get it right

Comment posted by zsewqthewolf deleted Dec 3rd, 2016
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