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Hi my name is Sparknanator, I went on a writing break for what I think was a few good years at this point but now I am back and ready to write!

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    Been a While

    Hey y'all, been a while. So I have a new chapter of Smarty pretty much done at this point, however here is the thing I have rewritten this chapter 4 times now and so far I am sitting at 2300 words on it.

    So here is the choice,

    I can publish it at 2300 words with a small cliff hanger. OR. I can post it when its sitting at around 5k words. Let me know in the comments

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    Post-Op Update!

    Hey everybody! So surgery went well and I am healing up pretty damn well, so as for Smarty what to expect and what not.

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    Progress Update!

    Hey peoples! So figured I would shoot you all a progress update on things. So far I have maybe 1,500 words down and I am hoping to get this new chapter up to at least 4 to 5k words before I feel comfortable posting it! But hopefully I an get this chapter out with in the next week or two.

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    Hey, So I Am Actually Back This Time.

    Hey everybody! How are all of you doing? So I know seeing a blog from me must be insanity! But this time, I can firmly say I have 100% returned. Now I am writing on some of my existing stories. And I do have a couple of one shots in the works as well, but I can't confirm when they will all be up and ready. So I am sorry if it takes a while but the first story I am with out a doubt updating is A

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    BronyCon 2018?

    Wowzers I've been gone a while huh!

    So I am about to start writing on and updating a metric ton of my stories so look forward to that!

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About Kickplot... · 10:44am Apr 30th, 2015

How's it going everpony? Sparknanator here,

And yes this is a Kickplot update! I am hoping to have the chapter up tomorrow (depending on when it gets edited) I did want to say something about this update in this one we are really getting into the meat of things so to speak in it we show how Nova is reaction to Big Daddy and Hit-Filly etc etc

It'll also show some other stuff now I won't say as to avoid spoilers but I am thinking the story could be finished soon if I keep pushing out updates like I am and honestly this story would not be possible with out the amazing editor Blue Breeze! I just want to thank him because when I have an idea or two for it I'll shoot it his way and we will just keep bouncing idea's back and forth

That's all I really needed to say anyway stay tuned! And we will see what happens next in Kickplot!

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