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    I am Still Alive!

    Yea, I know I have not much watchers. But I just want to say, I decided to stop my stories first and redo them when I get the whole idea sorted out. That way, the stories can be better. Oh yes, and I have a new story, but I won't post it until I finish the forth chapter and when I finish my End of Year exams. (and hopefully ace it) And yes, I have been being more descriptive and am trying to make

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    Any tips on improving my writing

    I want to do my best, so if you have any tips please share the with me.

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Any tips on improving my writing · 2:29pm Jul 16th, 2012

I want to do my best, so if you have any tips please share the with me.

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What I do is write it out on paper, type it, print it out, read it to yourself and edit it then retype then your ready. That's is what I do and it helps, but I get confused on tenses sometimes

I usually never look back at my writing. Just write it and forget about it.:twilightblush: With that in mind, I usually write out the best I can at first try. Call it... pressurized writing.:derpyderp1::twilightoops: But of course, you have to be a natural writer for this.:trixieshiftright: Not that I'm calling myself natural that is, you are MUCH more better.:ajsmug:

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