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Speaker: Bronymaster

TheGLQwardvark, aka TheQwardvark, aka Qwardy, Aka Keyboard, Aka my friend has decided....that he no longer wants to be admins of the group. We had a debate back and forth, in which he presented his case and killed my arguments before I could een make them.

This almost hurts to type.

So we are down a man. These were his parting words from adminship:

"Thanks guys. It's been fun."

He's not gone completely, as he is still a regular member, and might be a contributor some day. I sure hope so.

So as I'm sure you guys have, by now, guess, this means that not only does he lose his badge, and a place on the banner, but I also need to select a new admin.

Remember when I said I already had a few people in mind? Well, I've practically made my decision, and this one won't be put up to a vote by the group. At most I'm talking about it with Tricondon and Cid, but outside of that....the decision is mine, just as it was mine to make Qwardy admin. I need to talk to this person as well, to see if they are willing first.

If it makes you feel better, the 300-500 member admin WILL be put up at least partially to vote, as originally planned.

Now I'm going to go sit in a corner. Good day to you all.

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Comments ( 19 )

Why did he leave? Personal reasons?

He left for several reasons, which he might or might not be willing to reveal, but that I shant reveal myself.

Well, that startled me when I got home. Didn't see that coming :rainbowderp: I'll miss him, but hopefully he'll still be around

Are you even a member of the group? Cause I don't remember seeing your name. ....that probably came across as rude. Sorry if it did.

Farewell and thanks for all your hard work Qwardy, I hope to still see you around the group :twilightsmile:

I heard that Qwardy has been having a rough time as of late but I did not know that it would come to this, him quitting his admin. But I guess it IS his choice and we all need to respect that and give him a good job and a pat on the back for being admin of our group.

So Qrady here is to you you awesome moustache! :moustache: But don't quit proofreading...cause your my proofreader...have a good one! :eeyup:

I tried joining once, but I kept getting errors. I've just been observing from a distance since then and reading stories.

:raritydespair: Have you tried again lately?


Yeah, like the poetry and recent threads. I guess it worked this time. :twilightsmile:

I hope to see you become active now! I do love active members, and you seem like a nice enough fellow!

Thanks everyone and I'll definitely be around the group.


Thanks for everything Q, I wish you the very best!

Also, quick note to you two: apologies for vanishing BUT today just HAD to be the day where we switch internet providers...

I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully (this was typed with my phone using the mobile network thing)

This is reasonable, and sad. I wish the best of luck.

WHo be new admin pony?

I may still be new around here, but I've personally been involved in situations where an old hand, a good leader, and an old friend stepped down, so I know how rough they can be. I wish all involved the best of luck, and I shall keep as tight a vigil as I am able where I am able. Anouncements such as this simply show this is more than a simple group--these are friends, these are family. I may be new, but proof of good people like that? It's you old hands who've made that. And that's remarkable.

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