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    A little taste of what's coming later

    So it's been awhile since i've actually done a story and i actually decided to get off my lazy bum and actually write something(Probably mediocre but who the hay cares) So here it is a snippet of the prologue of my new story. "Against the Coming Storm"

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    I'm looking for anybody who would be willing to edit/pre-read one of my stories(Which due to my cleared schedule will(Hopefully) be released later today)

    I'm also looking for people who have knowledge into military weapons and tactics.

    Thank you to any who answer the call. -Winter Storm(Formerly Shadowbolt Records)

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    Cortana has gone off the deep end...like jesus.
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    NO Words can Describe how I feel.

    I can't believe it...IT"S FINALLY FUCKING HAPPENED!


    When the episode started off with a song I knew it would have been a good gut puncher but...I just...It's...Just yeah:scootangel::unsuresweetie::applecry:

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    My take on S5E5

    This face shall be forever immortalized.

    I mean Rainbow Dash literally stopping Winter,sorry Dashie it ain't happening.:rainbowhuh:

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My take on S5E5 · 7:08pm Apr 27th, 2015

This face shall be forever immortalized.

I mean Rainbow Dash literally stopping Winter,sorry Dashie it ain't happening.:rainbowhuh:
But all in all I loved this episode especially the Rainbow Dash solo(1st ever!:rainbowkiss:)But while quite fast we got to see a little bit more of Cloudsdale and how it works(Headcanon is now canon WOOT:pinkiehappy:)

But it also shows Rainbow Dash's relationship with her pet and a side of her we don't usually see her emotional side and with that I give this episode 10 :moustache: out of 10 :moustache:
GOOD JOB HASBRAH:pinkiecrazy:

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It is one of my favorite episodes. It reveals a lot about Rainbow Dash, and that one line about Applejack "crying on the inside" kinda tugged on the heartstrings. Also, the episode had a creative way of showing the stages of grief and acceptance of loss. A very well done episode. I, too, give it 10:moustache:, plus a :yay: for Fluttershy making Rainbow Dash cry and her not giving a flying feather about it. (It was hilarious and sad at the same time! :rainbowlaugh::fluttershbad:)


(Seriously, the crying was spot on and completely heart breaking, and Fluttershy's attitude... man, Iron Will changed her big time. :rainbowderp:)

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