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WE CAN DO THIS THING! · 10:09am Jul 16th, 2012

(Speaker: Your favorite master of bronies)

Look at those statistics:

Just a few more....just a few more and then....victory.

I want to see that author help group passed up soon for a couple of reasons:

A) It bumps us up on the list. Who doesn't want that?
B) I'd rather our help group be the first one people see when scrolling through the groups.
C) It brings us one step closer to world world domina- I mean helping every author out there!


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Comments ( 8 )

Not to mention there many active members in the group


It's been a decent steady rise since I showed up, so I know it'll hit it sooner or later! Keep it a fantastic and active group and it'll stay that way. G'luck!

Additionally Author Help doesn't really do anything...the only admin kind of left. Therefore, we who actually help ppl should be up there first!

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