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National Poetry Month: Poem 4 · 9:25pm Apr 25th, 2015

Hello once more! April is drawing to a close, so this will be the last poem to be published for National Poetry Month.

This one was written in the same vein as "Special One," but takes a much darker turn:

She, And I

She was born in a large city,
In some far-away state;
And I was born in a small town,
Two weeks too late.

She was merely the third-born,
Destined to be the third of four;
And I was the only child,
My parents wouldn’t have more.

She is a social butterfly,
Interacting with everybody;
And I am a mere lone-wolf,
Who from everyone I flee.

She is quite athletic reputed,
Being an avid fan of soccer;
And I am a more studious person,
Some think I am off my rocker.

She is interested in popular culture,
And celebrity gossip, from say-and-hear;
And I study the Navajo language,
Which most people find very queer.

She is fond of nights on the town
With only her very best friends;
And I merely go to my bed,
As soon as my show ends.

She is a stunning beauty,
Rivaling even the bright Sun;
And I am mostly a typical guy,
Of whom everyone wants none.

She will live indeed for a long time,
Relaxing with her lover on a holiday;
And I will have taken my own life,
By my twenty-fifth birthday.

Good night, and good luck.

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