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I come with glad tidings! · 2:54am Apr 24th, 2015

Better late than never, eh? At this rate I should be halfway done with the story by the time Infinity Wars, Part 1 comes out!

Well, the lateness was definitely something everyone could've done without. I've previously apologized for my tardiness, and I apologize yet again. An explanation rather than an excuse is in order: a multitude of factors were at work, not the least of which was hitting a writing slump back last fall. The process had become laborious, probably due to working repeatedly on revisions for the entire summer. I hope this chapter makes up for the wait, though, and points toward more fun to come!

For the record, this story will not feature events from the MCU later than The Avengers or from MLP following "Magic Duel." There won't be any premature influence from HYDRA (apart from retroactive fridge horror), Guardians of the Galaxy, Agents of SHIELD (obviously, since Coulson is still alive), the Dark Elves, the Equestria Games, Tirek, or the Tree of Harmony.

Everything else, however, is fair game. ;)

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