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I wrote a joke. · 11:02pm Jul 15th, 2012

So I want to start out by apologizing for the way I sound, and I realize you might be asking yourselves: "Peroth, what's wrong with your voice?" Well it's a short story so let me tell you about it.

Last night I went down to a friend's farm, where he raised and bred ponies with his family. He happened to be a few hands short so I thought I'd help pitch in, and let me tell you, ponies can kick up a lot of dirt and dander, and I have a few animal allergies. Now, I did have personal reasons for being there. I've been on sort of a spiritual journey, a path to enlightenment and all. One of the things I was looking for is my spirit animal, and I visited the farm thinking I might find some enlightenment there, and while working, I think I may have even figured out what I am inside. Now, you might be asking yourselves, "Peroth, what could you possibly think your spirit animal is?" Well I'll get to that in a moment, I need to finish answering your first question.

We went inside the barn where I started helping my friend shoe the ponies, and we happened to get on the topic of the phrase 'hung like a horse'. While we were talking about it, his brothers started testing the tractor engine nearby, so we ended up having to shout our conversation at eachother. The reason we were talking about 'hung like a horse' was because he pointed out that there are lots of kinds and sizes of horse, so the phrase was a little broad. A shetland pony, for instance, isn't anywhere near a Clydesdale's size. While we were shouting to eachother, I happened to mention my own length and I gave what I felt was a reasonable comparison, but my friend thought I was being way too generous with myself. Now you might be asking yourselves, "Peroth, what could you possibly think you were hung like?" Well I realize you have been asking a lot of questions, and it's about time I answered them.






I think I'm a little hoarse.

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:I'm glad you atleast found something productive to do.

233524 I'm being productive! I've just been at work all day and had eight hours to build that joke.

Man, I wish I'd crafted an epic joke while at work all day. All I did at work today was play Temple Run on my phone.

Well, at least you started with the apology.

the amount of :facehoof: that you deserve couldnt possibly be placed in 10000 coments :facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof::facehoof:

The title of the post was fair warning and I still didn't see that coming. Hehehehe. Nice.


Another while I wait for Growing Pains.


233689 The best jokes end in horrible puns.

233753 still please i need to read more growing pains plz and now that it has come to this i shall pull out something you cant say no to
give me more

233756 In time. Editor and I are working over the roughness of the first half. The second half is being written this week.

233763 how long is it going to be??
more than 50,000 words i guess

233767 As long as it needs to be.

233777 omg i cant wait :pinkiegasp::derpytongue2: do you have any temptative date ??? :pinkiehappy:

233807 No. All I know is I'm going to try and write a lot this week, then discuss semantics with my editor, and hopefully get back the readjusted bits within the following week. I have nothing to do this whole week, so I should be fine with writing.

LOL that pun has at least three meanings...

My spirit animal is a grey wolf. So there.

239537 Suck my little hoarse.

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