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New My Little Pony Episode (Bloom and Gloom) · 10:48pm Apr 18th, 2015

Ok.... I admit this episode was a bit confusing. Applebloom just kept dreaming and dreaming. But one good thing about it was that they finally went over what would happen if the Cutie Mark Crusaders got their cutie marks. And they also proved that not everyone in the apple family has to have an apple related cutie mark. Unless Bab's cutie mark is an apple and scissors.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are pretty worried in the beginning because they don't know who will lead the Manehattan branch of the CMC. But this is the first time they actually cover this. They never ask to much about how the CMC in Manehattan are doing.
So then we see Applebloom at home going to bed and Applejack sings her a lullaby. Seriously? :ajbemused: I think they are stressing the musical element of My Little Pony too much.
Next Applebloom wakes up and thinks sleep was all she needed. And then that overly used line in the whole episode. :ajbemused: So now Applebloom is pest control...I guess. The that pest control guy comes and gets on everyone's nerves and leaves Applebloom to catch pests all over Ponyville. Honestly I think quite a few people thought the whole episode was going to be circled around that. God knows I did. :twilightblush:
Now here comes the bad part.... Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Of course when she finally gets her cutie mark they make fun it instead of the fact that she had no cutie mark for the longest time. Man bullies always find something to pick on. When you ix one problem they point out another one. So they say that she has the worst cutie mark. That isn't really an insult. At least her cutie mark has a purpose. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon has no right to make fun of her cutie mark.
Applebloom protects Ponyville in some sort of way. Diamond Tiara's cutie mark is a tiara. What type of talent is that? And Silver Spoon's cutie mark is a spoon. A SPOON!!! WHAT PURPOSE IS THERE IN A SPOON?!?! THEY HAVE NO HANDS!!! HOW DO HOOVES WORK!?!?
Now that I got that out of the way, lets move on. So Applebloom gets upset and runs into a cave? Then that voice. Personally I think it is Starlight Glimmer who removed her cutie mark. Now that Applebloom's cutie mark is gone, Ponyville falls into chaos. Then Applebloom gets shocked. It is hilarious.
Then we think she wakes up from a dream but then again... that overly recycled line. I am not going to explain what happens with every new cutie mark because honestly I don't remember. But when she shows her friends her cutie mark they become jerks and she gets it removed...for like the 5th time, she comes back to them and they have their cutie marks and they don't want to be her friends anymore. That was just rude.
But I think the funniest one was when she didn't have and apple related cutie mark and her family interrogated her and kicks her out. When Luna finally comes her explanation is "Sometimes dreams are powerful enough to trap you in" or something like that. Honestly that is not a good enough explanation and I am not buying it. The Luna show Applebloom her friend's dreams. Do all the doors in the background remind anyone of anything? Maybe on Gravity Falls when they were in stands mind. Or the season 3 finale in "Celestia's Ballad" I just need to get over it.
But long story short the problem is resolved that it isn't just Applebloom who worries about if she will like her cutie mark. Also they gave Vinyl and Octavia a role!!!! But the didn't speak. :raritydespair: They just don't care about us apparently. But I respect the fact that they are giving background ponies a chance to be in the episode, sorta. Like in the last episode when they only gave Aloe one line but I will get over it.

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