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    Quick Update

    Still here, Have not disappeared.
    Work progresses on next chapter of Shades of Twilight, putting it around 40% pre-edit due to some work related issues. Don’t have an exact date but am going to have it up with new decisions and choices.

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    The Equestrian Codex *Spoiler Alert*

    The Equestrian Codex: Uncensored
    Published for the Institute of Species Research
    Initial biological study by Professor Mordin Solus
    Supplemental materials provided by Dr. Two For Tea, Equestrian Anthropologist

    Primary Codex

    Aliens: Non-Council Races: Equestrians

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    And getting back to it

    The Conclusion of the Shades of Twilight 'Crisis Arc' has been re-posted in it's revised version as a collaborative effort, with several major changes to the narrative and improvements to lead into future chapters. New Bonus Chapter will be posted this weekend (as it is already written) on the evening of 4-16-21 to shoot for the feature page over the weekend. Please do comment and respond to the

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    It is time...
    Time to finish what was once begun...
    Time to begin overusing ellipses once more...
    Time... to... PONY UP!!

    Loyal2Luna and her amazing Editor: 2dExtreem are back into the fray!


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    An Ending

    Before you get your hopes up, no, this is not the real Loyal. This is her editor, co-author, and friend, 2dextreem. I'm sorry to say I don't think Loyal is ever logging back in of her own accord.

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Updates, Love, and a clarification · 7:10am Apr 17th, 2015


Hey everypony. Loyal2Luna here, back with my fantastic and incredibly patient editor, 2dextreem. Happy to say that the black hole of Life has finally subsided and allowed for me to crawl away with sanity still intact.
Well, what sanity I had 'before' I got drawn in.
This blog post was unfortunately delayed due to some trouble with the site, which I apologize for, but I hope that the extra-long and action packed chapter of Shades of Twilight might have helped make up for the prolonged absence, as well as the assurance I don't plan to go so long without an update again. Seriously, months and months of just work-work-work....

*has an occupation flashback

ANYWAYS, stay tuned for more updates over the next few weeks as the gears are oiled and the cranks start turning. Voting will be open for the latest chapter of Shades of Twilight until Monday, by which most reader should have had plenty of time. While I am not comfortable giving exact dates for upcoming updates, they should be out soon.


Also, have a bit of love from the fandom, including this little number which was developed by a friend of mine some months ago who wishes to remain nameless, she was privy to the original rough draft of the latest chapter of Shades and came up with this pretty little piece entitled 'Biotic God'

Also, a lovely little something from long time art-friend C.K. Faux, for everyone's viewing pleasure, a little diagram-map of New Ponyville. Please keep in mind this is not perfectly to scale, just a rough estimation.


Reading through the comments, I have seen the trend put down originally by 'aduck' on the idea of 'capturing' the Broker's agent to put on trial by the Equestrians themselves. Of course I always encourage creative solutions to problems, however I am afraid this one, despite it's apparent popularity, is unfeasible and unavailable to the Madam President for a number of reasons.
First and foremost is that while Twilight does govern her people as a race, they really have no criminal judicial power. They do not have a body of laws recognized by the Citadel or a constitutional charter describing rights. They don't have the infrastructure, political or otherwise, to hold a trial beyond minor discipline of Equestrian Delinquents.
Secondly, if there was a trial performed by ponies, who could possibly be impartial enough to be a judge? Or a Jury for that matter? Seriously, can you say 'bias'? While such obvious one-sided and impossible judicial practices might pass for 'justice' in some parts of the galaxy (See 'Tuchanka') they would not be taken seriously in any truly civilized space, surely not on the citadel itself, the center of galactic civilization.
And lastly, as mentioned before: The Equestrian Herd Government has no 'legal' sovereignty at all. There is a C-Sec station on the governing tier of the District for a reason and they have Taxar there specifically to act as a Liaison between the emerging Equestrian Government and Citadel Security's Police Force, so they have no police powers inherent to the Herd. They are for all intents and purposes a 'gated community' in the 'City' of Tayseri Ward. They have some leeway due to their status as an independent species, but taking a prisoner, trying and executing a criminal sentence, especially on a non-equestrian citizen of Citadel Space, is well beyond their reach.

Yeah, sorry aduck, but I'm afraid this option is outside of Madam President Twilight's Authority, and she would know this. So going to have to stick a pin in it now.
Anyone who set this as their 'option D', please edit your comment to amend to another. Still willing to consider 'other' new options of course, but this one is invalid due to pre-established information.

Hope you all enjoy and tune in for future updates shortly.

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And Clarification.

These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect blog post.

But, Loyal2Luna added an extra ingredient to the concoction...


(Actually, no she didn't. I am disappoint.)

This art is quite epic. I especially like the light effects and the drawing style.
That map is nicely done. I guess the ponies live on the 2 bulkheads on the sides of the shown area, right?

Another thing, just to be sure, Loyal2Luna, did you get my recent PMs? Or did the website eat them as it does sometimes? :unsuresweetie:

I'm afraid this option is outside of Madam President Twilight's Authority

Bah! If anyone can overcome such obstacles it's Madam President Twilight "OP" Purplesmart Sparkle.

Much hype :pinkiehappy:

Nice to see you again, and welcome back! Hope you aren't too stressed out about irl stuff anymore.

I for one would like to propose the Soap Opera solution: render her medically incapable of spilling the beans about anything to anyone. It could be from simple memory wiping, to turning her into a vegetable. Mess up her brain. Of course, Twilight doesn't have to admit what she did; she can just let people assume it was a result of trauma from combat.

And if the author does deem this impossible, I vote C) execute. But still, try to make it look like self-defense.

I think you should post that rather in the related story's comments section. Counting votes would be easier if they're all in one place.

When I read love , I though that you were going to announce a romance between the C-sec officer and Rainbow (or Twilight) , and I was like "Yay !"
Some interspecies romance is always a good thing between calibrarions.
Too bad I was wrong :twilightblush:

I perfectly understand Loyal. I've had fans telling me in my reviews to get on with things already on FF.net, but I simply can't because of several reasons.

Hopefully I'll be able to live up to your example and come back with a proper gift for those who followed me like you did.

Welcome back, L2L.

Any chance of us figuring out what Shepard is up to at the decision time? Or is the hint already in the story?
*starts I-Believe-In-Shepard*

Re: Art
I like the art, especially the shading, except that her skull shape is bothering me.
Re: Map
There's a nightclub? Shepard and Twilight dancing there would be so terribad the universe collapses right there.

Anyways, off to poke several people about the story being alive again.

Madame President Twilight is singlehandedly responsible for obsoleting the YMIR mech by Mass Effect 3. Calling it now.

Welcome back! Can't wait to see the story continue... Hopefully the reader base hasn't forgotten how to choose wisely.

2990192 Oh, thanks, I misunderstood. I thought this was what was meant by recasting our votes.

Eh, haven't had a chance to read it, so I haven't voted yet (and at work now so can't vote at this time). But glad to know you're back!

Anyways, hope you also get caught up on Arad's stuff (Stardust sequel and sides stories)!

Glad to see you are back. Glad to hear you are doing better. I hope we can get in touch soon.

Please take care of yourself.



Dear L2L,

Compliments from a random person on the internet only mean so much. Never the less, I am going to give you a few. I would first like to say getting a story update from you made my day!

You know how to make a comeback. We wait and wait, and our anticipation builds all the while. Then you make your dramatic entrance with a door-stopper of a chapter. But it wasn't just long, it was oh so fine and sleek as Rarity's freshly groomed coat!

I gritted my teeth hard when the drone was lost. You rewarded careful reading. :twilightsmile: I liked how you gave a nod to the game mechanics by going into combat with a three member squad. The action was easy to visualize, which is an indicator of the quality!

Speaking of "visual" and "quality" tell your unnamed friend that her 'Biotic God' piece is, to be concise, very good.

Stay sane out there,

SHE'S ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!

Hazzah for you being back and with a Pinkie Pie in a chapter to boot. It was a good day.

I'm just happy this story is back in business. It is easily one of my favorites. I spent that whole time the site was down debating between the 4 options. I still went with option A but I also recommend trying to form a business relationship with the shadow broker. I think that would open up more options for the Herd. Just a thought.

2990112 Joory stahp

Well good on ya, love the story and it's a shame it fell behind in the first place.

But's it's here now and that's awesome, looking forward to the future chapters you make, and the future decision we make.

Here's to ponies and Mass Effect! The best type of combination possible!

Err... any news about your other stories? Dr. Whooves and Sly Cooper? Or should I consider them "Dead"?

About my messages and my suggestion, it's alright if you didn't have time ; 2dextreem explained that part to me.

L2L recently said that she would be working on "Sly Cooper in: Stealing Harmony" as soon as "Shades of Twilight" chapter was published. About "Only Skin Deep", I have no doubt it will come soon.

First off, welcome back.

Secondly, I am disappointed that my choice is inoperable, but I concede your point. Especially the bias one, as I hadn't really thought of that. There is no way to argue that one at all.

Thirdly, take as much time as you need. So long as the quality remains good, and they do come out eventually, I am satisfied.

Finally, is my tally keeping in the comments actually of use? Because I have literally spent over four hours keeping track of votes, and if this doesn't help you I would like to know so I don't waste more time.

At my urging, I've convinced Loyal that it would probably be best to wrap up the current SoT arc before switching focus to Whooves. Expect the next update to be Sly, then Shades, then a fair break from Shades to do a few chapters of Whooves.

At least this time there wasn't a rash of baldpony accounts stuffing the ballot box. I'll take the next shift for tallies if you don't want to.


I'm willing to do it, I just want to know that it was useful. Thanks for the offer.

The results are in:

Release: 41.2%

Turn in: 37.2%

Execute: 21.6%

I've updated the Author's Note on the chapter to reflect this. Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm.

...This still does not answer my question. Was my tallying of the votes useful?

Also, it's to bad release won but at least it wasn't execute.

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