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Pony Pairing Generator · 5:00pm Apr 12th, 2015

Want to ship some ponies, but don't know which ponies to choose?

Use the Pony Pairings generator.

Just something silly I made because I was bored. I need to add some more ponies to it though.

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Comments ( 11 )

Peachy Pie and Night Glider foreva!!!:rainbowlaugh:

Maybe make it so you can press the random button again instead of having to refresh the page every time you randomize?

I got Dr Caballeron x Apple Fritter XD

Opalescence x Golden Harvest XD

2976417 yeah, I think I'll do that. I also want to add a few popular OCs (e.g. Nyx, various Fallout characters, Backy, Fluffle Puff, etc).

2976460 And maybe add the full list of ponies to choose from and they can click who they want in list A and who they want in list B, additionally the option to input your own characters.

2976412 I got Night Glider and Dinky Doo.

God... Sugar Belle and Princess Celestia...

OK, I updated it. There's now a bunch of background humans from Equestria Girls, but because I didn't know what type of pony they are (earth, unicorn, pegasus), they'll only come up if you choose "Other" as a kind.

For those who want to build similar thingies, the raw data it uses is here.

Also, I just got: Tree of Harmony x Cranky Doodle.

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