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I'm just someone who likes writing stories.

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Oh right I have this thing. · 10:12am Apr 12th, 2015

I keep forgetting.

Really though, things just have been up and down with me, especially since for a whole year I was working at a temp job with a high hopes of getting a permanent position there, in fact we in my group were pretty much spoon fed by both supervisors and our temp agency that over 99% of the temps usually got permanent positions. So yeah, we were pretty much all running on "oooh soon we'll get a permanent job."

I stuck for a year in a low paying job with the aim to get a permanent position there, no supervisor complained about me, I was constantly given positive feedback for my job. I even submitted to their regulations of trimming my beard neatly (I tend not to do that too well).

Then in January it just all crash and burned. The company just suddenly pulled out the contract from the temp agency, since it was going automatic with the positions we were working in. I applied time and a time again for a permanent position there, heard nothing and then suddenly in January I was told all of us temp workers would be losing our jobs by the end of February, unless the Temp Agency could find us new positions.

February came and went and I heard nothing from either the company or the temp agency.

Yeah, I'm effectively jobless again and have been for just over a month, inspiration takes a bit of a nose dive when you feel betrayed, especially since I worked my bloody butt off to appease their standards and that practically promised permanent position.

Don't get me wrong, I never felt entitled to get it, I don't think I was owed one. I just feel like I was lied to, that they just dangled a promise of a permanent job in front of us to keep us from going away and seek out other jobs. I HATE being lied to, I don't mind white lies, I don't mind small ones, but outright blatant lying, I hate those. I have a bad experienced with those from my youth, it just burns me when I'm lied to like this.

Maybe they didn't really lie, maybe I'm being over dramatic about this, but yeah this is pretty much the reason I've not been creatively active. I decided to work my ass off to get a job where a promise of one was dangled in front of me like a carrot on a bloody stick.

I haven't abandoned my stories, I just put them on ice while trying to get some steady income back into my life.

Well back to the job hunt.

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