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We are already dead.

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  • 341 weeks
    More Friends!

    I did it again! I'm sorry! I'm not sorry!

    Here it is!

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  • 342 weeks
    Havin' Fun

    Doing some more doodles in between writing. Was working on something with a bit of simple scheme to it and I ended up pretty satisfied with the end result. Well, as satisfied as one could get when they do a doodle.

    Anyways, I thought it was fun so here it is to share.

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  • 342 weeks
    Chapter 10! Doodles and otherwise!

    Another chapter is done and another chapter is underway! We made it to ten chapters! That's an achievement somewhere maybe! But not only that there has been a lot of likes and lot of comments over the past many months since I decided to throw caution to the wind and start writing this story. That's definitely an achievement! So I want to display some gratitude about that. I say thanks for reading

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  • 346 weeks
    Skeleton Val

    Small update, the next chapter is really coming along! It shouldn't take too much longer to complete! I'm really excited about that.

    Now then. Do you remember that doodle page what with the skellington on it? Well forget that doodle, purge it from your brain.

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  • 346 weeks
    Chapter 8 Doodles!

    Chapter 8 was finally released! This is spectacular news! It was a long one, and it took a while but the next Chapter is already in progress and barring any unforeseen circumstances it shouldn't take anywhere near as long to complete!

    My health has normalized! My thought process is not impeded! Things should certainly progress!

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More Friends! · 4:12am Apr 8th, 2015

I did it again! I'm sorry! I'm not sorry!

Here it is!

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LOL the fack dude.

Nice work bro. I like how you...wait a tick. Is Valentino reading SMUT!?!?!:applejackconfused::pinkiegasp:

I can't help but picture the dude humming this


Draw the wet dream or I rito

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