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  • 345 weeks
    I just realized...

    The dinner scene would've been a thousand times more awkward if Silk had been there.

    ... now i want to write it. Screw it, I'm rewriting the last two chapters. They didn't feel right.

    In other news, I drew some pones.

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  • 346 weeks
    Several Things

    I currently have 37 Stalkers Minions Followers


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    Might get a job...

    I have an interview and I've been filing out applications everywhere.

    If I get the job, that means I'll have less time for my Babies... but I'll be able to get a better computer... It makes me feel so conflicted. *Hugs Fanfictions* WHY MUST LIFE BE SO CRUEL!?!

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  • 350 weeks

    I'm bored. And have Writers block.... I'mma write ability sheets.


    Shadow Magic; Often mistaken for Dark Magic, it's practitioners are often feared and ridiculed for its use. The most famous spells are its Dreamwalking and Shadow form spells. Masters of this type of magic are often nocturnal and sensitive to sunlight.

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  • 352 weeks
    How to Deal With Shadow Ponies, Part 2



    Hello there, Silk here. Just hugging our whittle sombwa :heart: its easily the easiest way to bother him, Cuddles!


    I shall have vengeance. *nom* Blah! You taste like sweat. Imma still cuddle you. You're so soft and fluffy, like a plush toy.

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How To Deal With Enchanted Rocks, Part 1 · 12:30pm Apr 6th, 2015

Greetings my loyal subjects, As I have more Experience with Rocks and Cryyyystaaaalssss than and sane mortal would wish for, I figured I'd dispense some much needed knowledge onto you pathetic mortals. My assistant today will be Silk Blade, otherwise know as a pain in my rear.

Why does the title say 'Part 1'?

I doubt these pathetic beings could handle all my knowledge at once.

...That's what she said.

As you can see, she shares her appearance with that of a Crystal Pony, and grows incredibly frustrated when you refer to her as 'It'. She also has a very interesting reaction to bells.


When she is irritated simply scratch her behind the ears and she will make a very amusing purring sound. If you do not do this, she will conveniently forget that you aren't immune to sharp objects.

Die slow- *puuuuuuuuurrrrr* :heart:

She is also very prone to playing 'I can't Hear you' when she is in a playful mood. This, like-wise, can be solved with a scratch behind the ears, though its also very likely to make her try to cuddle you in your sleep.

Are we done here?

For now...


Get it off! It's all cuddly and smells like strawberries. Mmpfff!

Join us again next week, when I show you how to tickle a shadow monster. *Hugs*:heart:


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Just something cute while you wait for the next Chapter.

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