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  • 213 weeks
    I hate when I get like this.

    I truly hate when I feel like I don't belong in a group or fandom because everyone else has friends that are somewhat famous and I just am all by myself. I have tried talking to some of these people, but I just feel like I don't belong in the fandom... i just feel envious and I hate it because I have nothing to be envious over. Why am I envious of people that are friends with people that have a

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  • 222 weeks
    Discord X Spike Group

    http://www.fimfiction.net/group/209407/discord-x-spike join my new group that is all about Discord and Spike

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  • 231 weeks
    One of my poems

    Laying here, on this bed
    Surrounded by darkness
    Having nothing to hold
    Feeling like I'm falling

    Horrible images playing through my head
    As I fall through this abyss
    The temperature is very cold
    Nobody is calling

    My blood is red
    His non existent lips giving me a kiss
    Trying to grab a hold
    But I am still falling

    Fell to the bottom
    I didn't wake up
    I laid there in a ball

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  • 241 weeks
    Hey if you like Prince Artemis join my group!


    This is my group and it will feature fics of Prince Artemis or it can have him as a side or back ground character. All stories are welcomed in this group. Join today!

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  • 242 weeks
    Ask me questions

    Hey everypony ask me some questions ask.fm/AquatheDragonofSkies

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Kik and Instagram · 9:24am Apr 6th, 2015

Hello everypony I am looking for more friends and two ways to message me is Kik and Instagram. Kik: FrankyW1993 Instagram: frank_whitlow feel free to message me :) <3

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Comments ( 6 )

Don't use either of those :/

#3 · Apr 18th, 2015 · · ·

2951769 Holy fuck, you're everywhere.

It's a hobby

#5 · Jun 10th, 2015 · · ·

I like the new avatar! :D

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