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I do nothing of merit. On occasion, I give the impression of being creative, but this is a deception. I am merely derivative in clever ways.

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Happy Easter, No Reviews, and What I'm Doing · 5:03pm Apr 5th, 2015

So, I meant to start doing a review blog each weekend, but this has been a busy week, and I've had no time for reading or writing.

I could slap together something from old notes before I go to work, but I'd rather spend as much of Easter with family as I can.

So, new review blog next weekend, and my next PCaRG review sometime this week as well.

After that, I'll be getting back onto my own projects. I've been talking about a lot of different ideas lately, but I think after a clop contest submission I've got started, I want to buckle down and finish TBTK, after doing a rewrite of the first chapter, and heavy editing on the other two that are currently up. After that it'll probably be the SpikeBelle idea and maybe a crossover story.

Happy Easter.

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