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CvBrony here, you can call me Cv ("cee vee"). My wife poked me hard enough to try the show, and a bit later, here I am. Now with Patreon!

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    Hopefully just a few days to a week. I've got some new writing tricks that should help things go faster, so wish me luck on that!

    Thanks again so much for sticking with me!


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    Hey folks!

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    Thanks again for sticking with me!


    P.S. What is this "sleep schedule" thing you speak of?

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CRAP · 2:30am Apr 4th, 2015

Sorry, guys, that was a slip of the mouse. ... Crap, what to do now...

Well, if it hits the FB I won't have a choice. I'll have to publish now instead of tomorrow. I wish there was an "are you sure" button...

Report CvBrony · 256 views · Story: Rites of Ascension ·
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Comments ( 7 )

Can chapters not be un-published?

2942353 Yeah but I can't re-publish it and use it to hit the FB tomorrow like I planned.


you might be able to hide the chapter and put it back up later:derpyderp2:

good luck:trollestia:

Ah, I supposed that could be a problem. If it were an unfinished chapter or something (I haven't gandered at it yet, so it might still be for all I know) and you couldn't un-publish it for some reason, then I was sure the mods could help you. But if the only problem is that you were hoping to make the featured box by waiting a day, I don't know if the mods would be able to do much. Still, messaging them can't hurt; worst case scenario, they tell you you're SOL.
[Edit](Actually, worst case scenario would be that you've been dead all along and just haunting Fimfiction, but you didn't know it; Knighty would be the Bruce Willis in that scenario, I imagine)
[Edit2](Or would we all be the Bruce Willis? I'd be okay with being a Bruce Willis)

Yeah, looks like it hit the feature box already. Your fans are fast. :)

Actually, once a story gets to the feature box for the first time, every time it updates it lands on one of the bottom three rows. (With a limit of I think an update every 24 hours) They are there explicitly to show updated stories that were featured.

Ah! I did not know that. Makes sense. :) Thanks for the info.

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