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This was my jam when I was a kid.

So I was startled to see that Netflix brought Inspector Gadget back in a CGI sequel -- I legitimately thought it was an April Fool's Day thing until I researched more, and apparently this was announced months ago and already aired in Europe.

I was even more surprised when Penny opened her mouth and a purple unicorn started talking.

I watched the pilot and don't think I'll be watching any more; weird art style/decisions are too distracting for me. But the guy they got to play Gadget sounds just like I remember. Ahh, nostalgia.

Edit: GUYS PENNY JUST SAID "If we HOOF it, we should be able to beat him" :rainbowlaugh:

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Wow, this is a really elaborate April Fool's prank, RBDash! You put all that work into that 3D animation and even got permission from Netflix to use their logo and graphi—



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Holy crap, it is Purple Smart...

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That's... actually surprisingly close to Don Adams' voice quality... I'd watch it, just for that!

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Theres a nice piece of the ol' childhood

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Wow, I used to watch the heck out of Inspector Gadget.

As for this version, I was able to get through the first episode, and I may watch one or two more to see if they improve the timing/animation at all (everything felt a little... off). And, as much as I love Tara's voice work, I have to wonder why they didn't go with Cree Summer for Penny's voice. That woulda hit me right in the nostalgia!

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everything felt a little... off

It's like every character is a robot that has been inexpertly taught to mimic human movement.

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