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Someone once said I was passive aggressive. I disagree. I am far too impatient for that. I prefer just being normal aggressive. Don't worry about 'maybe' upsetting me, you will know.

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To the buzzer! · 1:00am Apr 1st, 2015

Assuming Kilala ends her contest at mightnight EST, I've finished with three hours to spare. And no, that wasn't me trying to show off. It's been a hellishly busy two months, but this was a priority.

So, without further ado, I present to you.

(I really wish I could find better coverart for it, but something is better than nothing, and it kind of works with the theme I had going.)

You might be getting pinged on this one if you Fave'd ALP. While it makes references to a few things in it, you should be able to enjoy the story as a stand alone AU if you follow kilala's OCs.

Hope you enjoy!


Report LuminoZero · 394 views · Story: A Little Push ·
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Comments ( 1 )

I asked Kilala, and she said the contest shall end at the midnight of April 1st, but in California Time, so it seems you had few more than three hours to spare.

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