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Hipster Pony Raven Horn

An aspiring novelist, music student, and occasional artist. Also occasionally a grey pone.

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  • 193 weeks
    It's been a while since I bloged...

    When the hell was this added?

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  • 208 weeks
    Birthday Blogging for what followers I have~

    Today it's my birthday, I woke up at 6, which is unusually early for me (Especially since I didn't want to wake up until 9 for a lie-in), and I feel kinda sick. Which is fun. I am looking forward to the day ahead, if only because it's a Monday that I get to stay home on. I'm looking forward to playing Smite and Composing music all day, probably not writing but potentially. Still, is my

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  • 227 weeks
    Slight Hiatus on TAMSOOS as I focus on other things for a bit

    Not entirely sure why I'm giving warning this time as I disappear from a fic. I need a slight break from writing this fic to write some other things. I'll post a few other things on the site still, as I don't want to stop writing. Just TAMSOOS will not be a priority for me to work on. I've got about 5 other fics that I need to focus on as well, and I hope you all understand. Check out my

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    Is this what happens when you create things? Is this, acceptance?

    Ok, so this morning I posted a new fic. While it's quality is debatable and it's going to go through another chapter 1 rewrite before the 2nd chapter goes up because I found me an editor for the fic (Thank goodness, because I have literally no patience for editing my own things when I want to tell a story

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  • 239 weeks
    Annoied, so here's a short extemperainous story

    I'm rather annoyed at my internet being really really shitty right now, and I got a bunch of new followers that I have no clue where they came from that likely only want to read my fanfiction or possibly stalk me, and I'm exhausted and want to head to bed.

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It's been a while since I bloged... · 6:14am Mar 31st, 2015

When the hell was this added?

I mean, I know I don't come on that much anymore but still. Also totes bragging rights for having been around this long. This site has changed so much since then, it's kind of startling @.@. I also have one of the oldest fan fictions on the site. If you're interested in reading it it's here.
Anyway, back to my cave while I waitformyeditortogetbacktomeforthisoneshot proceed to do nothing suspicious at all. AT ALL.
Now move along

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