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    I have no luck at all.

    Fuck 2020.

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My personal theory on Sunset Shimmer · 7:29pm Mar 20th, 2015

That is, the one native to the human world (H!, as in human), not the pony-turned human (M!, as in Main/Mane Universe) one.

She's still there. Still lives with her parents. Goes to a private school, possibly with H!Twilight Sparkle. She's very wealthy. Her parents are also wealthy and don't really spend all that much time with her, either too busy with their jobs or too self-absorbed (or a mixture of the two), thereby allowing her to do basically whatever she wants. She wishes her parents would make more time for her, but at the same time kind of enjoys the freedom that them not paying attention to her allows. H!Sunset is yon typical rich bitch stereotype but, in true MLP fashion, she just needs a little kindness.

So, the question becomes...where does M!Sunset Shimmer fit into all of this? I imagine that M!Sunset found herself in the human world. She was totally unprepared for what she found there and quickly found herself lost in the human city - where she bumped into H!Sunset, her doppelganger. The fact that she looked identical to H!Sunset, the fact that she was completely clueless about the most basic human social mores, and perhaps her doing something to prove that she was, indeed, from another world, convinced H!Sunset that M!Sunset is indeed a magical pony in human form. Whereupon H!Sunset, in a moment of mixed kindness and opportunism, "adopted" M!Sunset.

M!Sunset: [On entering H!Sunset's *gigantic* home] "Wait, won't your parents be wondering why there's two of you wandering around?"
H!Sunset: "No way. Watch this." [after a *long* trek through the home, they arrive at the living room, where Sunset's parents are both reading] "Hello, mother! Hello, father! I found a magical talking pony version of me from another universe that was transformed into a human that looks just like me. She'll be living here from now on."
Sunset's Dad: [Without looking up from paper] "Just make sure to walk her and feed her, dear."
H!Sunset: "See? No problem." [leads M!Sunset away]
M!Sunset: "Do they think I'm a dog?!"

This simultaneously explains away where M!Sunset has been living for the past thirty moons and how she can keep getting new clothes and, y'know, eating and bathing - while still keeping the explanation suitably comedic, keeping in mind the target audience.

H!Sunset continues to go to her private school, while M!Sunset was enrolled in the surprisingly-easy-to-enter Canterlot High as per M!Sunset's evil plans concerning manipulating the school towards her own ends. H!Sunset, meanwhile, gets any number of benefits from having a doppelganger of her, indebted to her, hanging around, like messing with people, trying on clothes, and, most importantly, giving H!Sunset some of the attention at home that she wasn't able to get from her parents.

For added comedic bonus, H!Twilight Sparkle has met M!Sunset Shimmer and is actually friends with H!Sunset, though she was under the impression that H! and M!Sunsets are just twins. Why?

H!Twilight: "You! You're all from another world!"
M!Sunset: "Uh, yeah."
H!Twilight: "We've known each other for three years! Why didn't you ever tell me?!"
M!Sunset: "I didn't? I could have sworn I mentioned it at some point..."

Anyway. Just some random thoughts from yours truly.

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Comments ( 13 )

That's a fun idea.

Huh. I actually haven't given much thought to human Sunset Shimmer. This is certainly a novel spin on the subject.

I assumed she was dead, which was why Sunset living permanently in the other world wasn't breaking reality.


That would be a good story. I'd read that.

I mean, how awkward is it to explain everything to yourself. Everything. Culture shock is tasty. Misunderstandings are crunchy.

Shenanigans with them being effectively twins, so that's an angle that can be used. More so when both SS get more comfortable around eachother and start to cooperate more effectively for whatever plan they come up with.

Plus all the feels with them bonding and such.

Who is Sunset supposed to resemble in this picture? It bothers me because I know that I know but I can't figure it out.

I wanna say Luna Platz from Star Force.
But I know that's probably not right...

I would so read this.

She's deeeaaad.

:derpytongue2:Headcanon accepted!:pinkiehappy:

2894696 seconded!

2894722 reality only breaks when the same matter exists in the same place at the same time. Since M!Sunset is actually converted to a human, she's not the same. I'd be more worried if the law of conservation of dimensional matter was kept during the transfer in the first place! :pinkiegasp:

This sounds like such a fun story that you really ought to write it. Actually it sounds like it would work even better as a cartoon than as a written story, which is a shame since it's not likely to ever be made as one. Or maybe you just sold it as one really well.

Hah, a very amusing solution! 2895675 is right, this deserves to be expanded into a proper story. :pinkiehappy:

My take is that since they should logically be very similar human Sunset also ran away from home because she felt her full potential was being wasted. Of course it's fame and stardom instead of magical power, so she ends up in New York or California with a bunch of papers to support a new identity because she's talented like that. This is also how pony Sunset gets so good with social media, because her human version left what amounts to a how to guide in her diaries and on her computer. Then pony Sunset shows up, gets welcomed "back" by human Sunset's parents and spoiled rotten. The last thing she needs. Of course human Sunset is very resourceful but might still come home eventually, being sick of trying to chase her dream on her own.

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