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What? I'm a robot?! Shit they, know to much..

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  • 249 weeks
    For the grammar nazi.

    If someone says, "your."
    Simply hit them with that fact of just using this.

    Just use "You're."

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  • 280 weeks
    Praise the Sun!

    4 comments · 239 views
  • 280 weeks
    Awwww this happens to everyday xD

    4 comments · 144 views
  • 280 weeks
    New to do list tomorrow.

    Baked Breakfast for me tomorrow.
    Stalked more people.
    Post random shit on the sexy assistant page.
    Go to work and boom be bored.
    Go to gym.
    Stalk more people.
    Answer dumbass question on Facebook
    Take shower
    Why I don't need lunch YET!
    Try finish season one of MLP.
    Finish Graphic Design
    Go back to gym workout again.
    Go home relax.
    Make dinner.

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  • 280 weeks
    Why I don't trust wheels.

    11 comments · 198 views

Why I don't trust wheels. · 3:51pm Mar 20th, 2015

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Comments ( 11 )

Hahaha oh god.... why can I picture that actually being a thing

2894156 I swear on my mom there will be.

2894200 Who's your mother and why would you swear at her?

2894203 Well my mother is dead and she was a bitch to me.

2894210 I am sorry for your loss, and i'm sorry to hear that she was like that

2894217 Eh I'm 23 I don't care for her that much anymore.

2894228 Still she was your mother so I am sorry

2894236 ... well this got derailed from the original topic, so yeah wheel fetishes

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