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    Writer's Recap: The Shape of Things to Come

    This chapter served really as a final wrap-up, and a way to show the progress that Twilight’s made. Reasonably, you wouldn’t see much progress after only a week, but that wasn’t the point. All else I would say is we shouldn’t think too harshly of Twilight: If your first encounter with a group was them kicking in the door on your brother’s wedding, shooting your mentor in the chest, tying everyone

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    This was another chapter that tasked me, in part because all I knew was that Twilight was going to address the town, and that it was going to end with, “Everything was going to be fine.”

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    Writer's Recap: What Ponies Believe In

    It’s been a while since I started this chapter and I don’t remember all the details, but I’m confident that what started it all was the line, “You weren’t ever a bad friend.”

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    Writer's Recap: The Other Stranger

    I actually had a pretty easy time with this one. The only real challenge I had was trying to find the right flow and the appropriate content. Once I had that, the words more or less fell into place without too much struggle on my part.

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    Writer's Recap: What Nymphs Want

    Blog up early.

    Best you read the chapter first.

    Another transition chapter, I actually managed to get this in mostly one go, although it did still take several months to actually get down to writing it because I took a break in the middle.

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A week longer than planned, but that's not bad · 6:51am Mar 17th, 2015

Although I expected to have it up last Wednesday or Thursday, The Unicorn and the Stranger will be sent for publishing March 17, 2015 at approximately 10 AM Pacific Daylight Time. Two chapters will be made available immediately, with a third to follow once it has rolled out of the new stories feed, and then a fourth once it's out of the updated stories feed, for a total of four chapters.

Thereafter, the remaining chapters will be published in serial format; once daily, with the final chapter being published one week from its initial release. This story is Crystal Wishes approved, and whether you care for it or not, I encourage you to explore her own Crystal's Wishes, as well as Anzel's two companion pieces, Silent Knight: Memoirs of a Royal Guard and Three of Hearts.

If you are seeing this entry because you are following A Matter of Interest, The Unicorn and the Stranger is set in the same universe, and although not directly related, there is some overlap between them. As such, you may wish to check it out even if you normally wouldn't.

Now, to attempt to furnish some cover art....

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