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I'm mostly here to comment on other people's work, although I admit I read very slowly. As for myself, I am an animator and I live in South Africa

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After Chaotic Neutral · 11:36am Mar 16th, 2015

My brain is seriously dying on me, but let's see if I can at least attempt to make a coherent blog post. :twilightblush:

So I finally finished Chaotic Neutral! Holy crap! :twilightoops: a full year and a half and I've finally finished it! I've written fics of similar length for other fanbases before, but it has never taken me that long! However, I can say that the fics I wrote before were not as polished, edited or worked on as Chaotic Neutral is.

I sincerely and dearly hope you all enjoyed it. I've had more feedback and interaction on this story than any other story I've ever written before, and that has made me incredibly happy. I apologise if I could not fully meet some of your expectations. As I've said multiple times before, I am very new to this. I can fake certain things, but some places I clearly still need a lot of practice to really get as good as I want to be as far as writing goes. If there were things with the story you were unhappy with, I'm sorry about that. All I can do is promise to work hard and learn more to give you something new of better quality.

Which brings me to the point of 'what happens now?'
Well, I certainly want to write another fanfic, very very much so. I already have a basic plot setup for something which will be very fun to write and would be very different from Chaotic Neutral (although it would still be Discord and Fluttershy centered. Because of reasons.) However, here's the big problem;

In the past, whenever I have tried to follow up a very long fanfic I was proud of with a second one, I always... ALWAYS give up half way through it. This is usually because I lose faith in the whole thing and just stop, feeling disgusted with my lack of ability and how I cannot seem to preform to as high a standard as the first story. it's a major mental block I have to try and work through. It makes me feel terrible and I hate it.

To try and avoid this, I think I will take a break from writing for a few months. I'll be flying to the states in June until July for Comic Con and to see my American friends, so perhaps once I get back I'll start planning the next story and get ready to start writing. I'm hoping if I wait, be patient, and distance myself from what I've already written, the second story will not be one I end up losing hope in and abandoning. That's the very last thing I want. I also don't want a pale imitation of what I've written in Chaotic Neutral as well, which is usually what I feel is all I produce when I try writing a second story.

But I will try. I will try and push and persevere to get over this! I sincerely hope that, when the next story comes, some of you will want to follow me once again. With support and help, maybe I will actually be able to keep going and not hit a wall again because of my poor self esteem and lack of skills.

Thank you all once again. Feel free to let me know if there's anything I can focus on in the future to get better at this writing thing and whatnot. I really don't want you cool people to disappear ;____;

best wishes and lots of love
That weird C-Puff girl.

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Comments ( 16 )

I'm sad to see Chaotic Neutral come to a close, but somewhat happy at the same time. It ran its course well, and would have felt stretched if it went on for too much longer.

I'll certainly be ready and waiting if you decide to write another story, sequel or not.

Dude, that's cool. It was one of the first fics I read on this site! But I caught up to it and forgot to keep track of the updates. Need to read through the last half and finish it of x.x

I say, wait for the 7th episode of S5 to air. Maybe it will give you new ideas for new stories after we will learn more about Smooze and more about friendship between Discord and Fluttershy

2882759 *sigh* I probably will... although I'm not looking forward to that episode at all. I wish the new show would leave my childhood memories alone and make new content instead. It hurts my heart :fluttercry:

2882769 Oh yeah, i hoped Smooze would be as epic as in G1 but it look like Natasha Levinger wanted to become "fan favourite" by bringing up famous characters. It's a shame that he is as similar to the original version as "Teen Titans GO" to "Teen Titans". But at least we will have a new mysterious villain in S5 finale and I also look forward for Discord at the gala

2882778 We'll have to see. I can only hope it's not a disaster. I have really started losing the faith I have left in the show, to be honest. Instead of excitement, I now mostly feel dread as to what they will do with the characters I like so much.

Sorry, I'm being a bit of a downer :twilightblush: I've been having a bad time for a few months now.

2882796 please don't be ;)

2882813 Hahahaha! Excellent! XD thanks man :heart:
And sorry again I couldn't give you a ship fic. :twilightblush: Maybe when I get myself a boyfriend I'll be more in the mood for things like that.

Haha no rush :pinkiehappy:
I'm sure it will be awesome as you are a talented writer :heart:.
And I also think that your future boyfriend will still remain your best friend even if you are still not convinced about that or about romance overall :yay:
Not every romance need to look like in 50 shades of Grey :twilightoops: :rainbowlaugh: :rainbowkiss: Take care.

I will definitely stick with you! I will be more than happy to remind you how talented you are! Oh and I read the end of Chaotic Neutral, and promise to leave a review tomorrow! ♡ Take a long, well-deserved break! ☆

I'm a little worried about the 100th episode, which will feature no main characters, only background characters. Gosh, why can't this wait be over!

Hope you don't die on us during your hiatus! I really understand the whole giving up thing though, not a single one of my attempts at something longer than a one shot has succeeded. You lose interest, you get distracted, see what you did wrote is SOOO not what you wanted... *shudder*

But seriously, don't die on us. A lot of former leaders of the community have moved on. Nothing wrong with that, we'll all eventually find something else, but it feels like part of us dies with every talented person that leaves

2886652 I can't promise I'll always be a 100% focused on MLP, but if it makes you feel better... in 1999 when I was around 13 I started getting really back into MLP (I watched the show religiously and still had all my ponies from being a child) there were no bronies, and only a tiny internet community, and I got made fun of a lot for being 'too old' for it.
It's now 2015... and I'm still here :) (and I still have all my 1980s ponies too)
I don't think I could truly ever go anywhere, even if I take breaks sometimes.

Chaotic Neutral was a blast to read, especially as the relationships developed :heart: That was my favorite part! I do have a few questions though--particularly Twi's questions of Celestia in the last chapter, and more about the Stone of Null and stuff. I hope you'll answer them, at least someday! Thank you for this great story!!

Can't wait for the next story! Should be awesome.
I highly doubt anyone will want to leave after Chaotic Neutral.
It was a wonderful story with great development~
Keep up the great work! :pinkiesmile:

In the past, whenever I have tried to follow up a very long fanfic I was proud of with a second one, I always... ALWAYS give up half way through it.

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Three years later...

PLEASE!pleasepleaseplease write another story! You're amazing, and I need more dammit!:raritydespair:

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