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Sad Day · 3:34pm Mar 12th, 2015

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Oh, balls. We should have gotten another twenty years of books out of that man. Screw you, Alzheimer's.

Condolences to all the lives he's touched along the way who now feel his passing.

F*ck! Seriously? :pinkiegasp:
Man, how I loved the Discworld series... :fluttercry: I guess I still have some unread tomes, better get right to it, in memory of a brilliant writer.

Yeah, :pinkiesad2: indeed.

From book_burner's blog post:

Pratchett was lucky enough to sustain very little cognitive embuggerance: he only had to cancel one convention appearance in 2014, and he died as himself, knowing who he is and where he was. He was lucky.

The worst part is, book_burner isn't wrong. He was lucky. And that's the worst part. Alzheimer's makes it so that dying at the age of 66 can be considered lucky. Screw everything about Alzheimer's.

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