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Taking time for the little things. · 3:35pm Mar 10th, 2015

Okay so maybe not the "little" things but "being a lazy bum" just doesn't have that flare to it. Case in point, I discovered War Thunder. Dear god, where did the time go. I play with my buddies, some bronies some from my active military days. We all have way too much fun just screaming and laughing and being idiots. I even started streaming our shenanigans, it's nuts. But yeah, the downside of this is once again I have discovered a new obstacle to my writing.

No worries on that though, new chapter this week guaranteed. I just have been having quite the stressful time lately. My job is pretty stressful (I'm a clinical-study psychologist) and my wife and I have been hitting some rocky times (multiple reasons). Everything is looking better, but my pace gets slowed.

So hey, if anyone plays War Thunder I'd love to add some peeps; my username is... of course... BaryonBrony (as is my steam name if you want to add me there). I stream video games once in a blue moon too, but mostly just jam it up with buddies.

Oh yeah. For those who are wondering about my opinion on Celestia's Prophet. I wrote an artist's note rant in the next chapter for all to see. Those who follow my blogs, let me at least say this. I don't find it a rip-off at all. It shares a similar premise, but the two stories are quite different. I like Celestia's Prophet! It's a good story. So, y'all who have leapt to my defense I thank you very much, but no need to be harsh about it at all. I have no problems at all with the story, in fact I'd promote it. Kinda gives a different look at the basic idea while taking a wholly different route.

All I want to say here is simply end the hate. There doesn't need to be fighting, so no need to keep hating. I thought we were against that sort of thing as bronies.

Whelp, off to storm Poland! AS RUSSIANS!

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You play as the Russains?! Shame on you, everybody knows it's about the Germans:twilightangry2:

2865280 Tier IV Germans is where it's AT... but the Russians armor is SO OP!

2865282 Yeah that's about the only thing going for them:trixieshiftright:

2865284 Shrugging off 88's like they're out of style or something

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