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Princess Rosaline

Call me Princess Rose, The Princess of flowers and nature. I come to Fim seeking peacefulness from my duties.

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  • 340 weeks

    Hera H Discordia, one of my friends, just got banned a few minutes ago. She called me in real life, all panicky, and I'm like, what? Apparently she got banned for Role Playing. I now do not encourage it. Please do not get yourselves banned.

    Princess Rosaline.

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  • 340 weeks
    Greetings, my subjects.

    I have returned. :twilightsmile:

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  • 341 weeks
    Sadly, I Have To Go.......

    I will be.........off. from Fim for a while. I'm sorry, I just.....I need some time alone from.....well......everything. I shall return soon, dont worry. :fluttershysad:

    Princess Rosaline.

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  • 341 weeks

    I have figured it is time for a Q and A. Questions in the comments!

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  • 342 weeks
    The Royal Sister Lullaby

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QA · 10:12pm Mar 6th, 2015

I have figured it is time for a Q and A. Questions in the comments!

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Comments ( 28 )

Sorry for my inactivity. Question: How's it going?

2855185 very well! I find new stories and wonderful friends every day.

How are liking Fim, hon?

2855194 I think Fim is great. New stories about ponies are just what I need in my day.

2855198 I'll start my tour with you tonight. Be ready. Question: Have you found any glorious fics in your opinion?

2855212 I in particular love one called:

A Mother's Past, A Daughter's Future.

2855219 Do you want some recommendations from moi?

2855227 As much as I am tempted by the offer, no thank you.

2855231 How are you tempted, but don't accept? This isn't a deal with Lord Smooze.

2855238 I can be a confusing person.

2855245 Only Lord Smooze knows. Only him.

2855267 You know, Meep. Right? :applejackconfused:

2855284 You'll learn along the tour.

2855300 Yep. Oh, and communist ponies. :twilightsmile:

Why r u so awesome.

You like anyone right now?

2855628 not really.

2855500 I was born that was, I suppose. Thank you, by the way.

2855726 Ok, so how is your day?

2855749 great, so far. Now it is time for Luna to raise her moon. It has been a wonderful day.

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