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Story Promotions (Round VIII) · 9:28am Feb 28th, 2015

Whoa, three promotions in a month?! :pinkiegasp: That's right! I managed to squeeze this last round into the last day of February. Talk about timing! :rainbowlaugh:

Hope you all are having a great Friday evening. :twilightsmile: Without further ado, here's some more story promotions!

Table Games And Lust Aflame by Marshal Twilight

Soarin and Thunderlane, nearly a year into their burgeoning relationship, have a week to themselves in Las Pegasus until the upcoming Wonderbolts show. When they stumble across a couple of familiar stallions by the name of Big Macintosh and Braeburn, they come to find that they like them quite a bit. Perhaps enough to get to know them a little more intimately.

First things first:

1) This is a clopfic. Minors and people who aren't into that, skip on to the next entry.
2) This is an M/M clopfic that also contains some incest (BraeMac). Again, not your thing, feel free to skip down the list.
3) This is a sequel to one of Marshal's other stories, Soapy Suds And Horny Suds. I highly recommend you give that one a read first before tackling this one, both because that's the first story and because it's also awesome.

Ah, yes, another "Group of stallions go to Las Pegasus and get drunk so shenanigans happen" fic. Right? At first glance, that might appear to be the case. However, I expect much more from Marshal Twilight, and he definitely delivered yet again! :moustache:

Focusing primarily on Thunderlane and his relationship with Soarin—which, aside from being written well in character for both stallions, is absolutely d'aww-worthy—the story follows the two Wonderbolts into the fabulous Las Pegasus. There, they meet up with another gay couple: the insufferably energetic Braeburn and the laid-back Big Macintosh. Both of these guys are written well also, and the four's ensuing meeting is highly entertaining, with both adorable and hilarious moments abounding.

What happens when all this testosterone gets in the same room? A contest, of course, followed by some sexy shenanigans! :rainbowwild: If you're into SoariLane and/or BraeMac, M/M, or good clop in general, give this fic a read. Marshal Twilight is quickly becoming one of the greats, writing detailed, playful, immersive, and, curse the meme, feelsy Mature stories.

The Magical World of Button Mash

Button Mash is a pretty average colt. He likes video games, hates homework, and spends his days playing with his best friend/brother-from-another-mother, Rumble. Together they try to navigate the problems of everyday Ponyville, which would be perfectly ordinary if not for all the spirits of chaos, angry dictators, giant star bears, and the occasional schoolyard bully.

These are the tales of how two mostly-normal foals deal with their very magical world.

The C&D of Button's Adventures was a sad day in the fandom indeed. The animation was top-notch, the voice acting superb, and the possibilities endless. Sadly, the rest is history.

That's where RedSquirrel456 stepped in.

When I began to read this story, I highlighted a few lines I found particularly amusing. That was... a few paragraphs in. Then I found an even more amusing section. And then another. And another. I was cackling by the end of the story. I ran out of lines I wanted to quote. There was just too much gold here! :rainbowlaugh:

From comedic one-liners, references, self-aware jabs, great characterizations, and a series of unfortunate events, this story has it all. Told mainly from the perspective of Button's best friend, Rumble, the first chapter focuses on the two colts' epic quest to obtain the latest (and most epic) video game. But like any good comedy story, this quest is far from easy, and ends in... well, you'll see.

If you like Button Mash and/or Rumble, episodic stories, comedies, Slice of Life stories, or anything lighthearted that feels like an episode (maybe not of FiM itself, but of something damn good), give this one a read!

What If Socks Didn't Work Orally?

Twilight is confronted with a terrifying proposition, one that seeks to rattle the very core of rational thought. She can rest assured that socks work orally, but what if, what if, what if, what if ...
They didn't.
Also, someone seems to be stealing her milk.
If only Spike weren't gone, but he is. He's gone.

While the author of this dark tale left the site over a year ago, that's no reason to pass over this story. This is, by far, one of the more eloquent, atmospheric, and thought-provoking Dark stories I've come across on this site.

The story begins simply. We follow Twilight through a seemingly normal day. She has a conversation with a stallion, goes to a restaurant, and goes home. Beneath this simple chain of events lies the mind of a mare who is anything but. Twilight's thoughts permeate the story, both in narrative, monologue, and dialogue, and set the stage for some truly terrifying insights and revelations.

The twist here is one of the most brilliant I've come across in a while, so I can't say too much more without giving it away. I will say, though, that it is pulled off in such a subtle way that it may require a re-read, as it did for me. Such a task is worth the payoff; the chills won't be leaving you for a while. :pinkiecrazy:

If you're a fan of Dark fics, immersive fiction, or twists (not the peppermint kind, though :twistnerd:), give Socks a glance.


Having grown up in Griffonia for most of his life, Lenny Redtail has a very low opinion of ponies. But a quick foray into Ponyville just might teach him a lesson or two about friendship and what it means to be equine.

Raugos is a great writer. My favorite Changeling fic to date, Integration, was my first brush with his work. I've read a few of his other stories, the rest of them still sitting on my Read Later, but I was particularly impressed with this one.

Stories focusing on non-pony characters, or non-Equestrian citizens, open up a great opportunity for world-building. This story is no exception. Through the eyes, mind, and experience of Lenny Redtail, Raugos provides a good numbers of insights about Griffon culture and traditions. His interactions with both his Griffon friends and family back home and the ponies he meets in Equestria are insightful without being info dumps, and feel natural despite the short length of the story.

Outsider touches on what it means to be exactly that in two ways here. The most obvious is Lenny's trip to Equestria, wherein he acts as one would expect a stranger in a strange land to behave. The other way, though, is absolutely genius, and took this story from good to great for me. I highly recommend that you pay close attention when reading this story to see if you can understand this second underlying theme. :raritywink:

If you enjoy stories about Griffons, Slice of Life stories, or stories about identity, look no further.

That's all I have for tonight, guys! Take care, and have a fantastic weekend! :ajsmug:

Have a cool image for your troubles.

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Comments ( 14 )


Although, there is 1 pony missing from that image, :pinkiehappy:

it's no problem, I was just pointing it out, seeing as every previous villan was in there.

Sigh, it's disappointing that so many M/M fics are mature rated.

I mean, no issue with others who want to read mature fics, but I'd like to see a little more teen rated M/M. My M/M library right now has a very small number of fics in it.

the voice acting superb

Well... at least when he's not screaming, I guess... xD

Raugos really is a great writer. It's not finished, but his current Withdrawal fic may be my favorite story of his yet. It's definitely not a happy things for Twilight story, but the events as written just, wow. If that makes sense.

which, aside from being written well in character for both stallions

I wasn't aware that those two had a 'character' to be 'in'. :rainbowhuh:

I've been recommended by Bad Seed?

Darn, now I need a new life goal.

gumball/mlp crossover? I'll give it a look

also, damn there is a lot of porn in this fandom:trollestia:

The gayfic was just too gay for me. I am an embarrassment.


Feel free to look through my M/M bookshelf (just filter for the Everyone and Teen tags). There's a few more I added to this shelf recently that I plan on promoting that are E or T. :twilightsmile:


Yeah, the screaming is a bit much... xD


I actually have that one on my RL, so that's good to hear. :ajsmug:


Good point. I suppose it's better to state that their characterizations are good. :twilightsheepish: Because, while they are background ponies, some people characterize them in a way that's unbelievable/Flanderized/etc. If that makes sense? I'll make a mental note to not write promo blogs so late at night again, lol.


You deserved it, my friend! :pinkiehappy:


Yeah, I realize it's a crossover of that show (or at least inspired by it), but I haven't seen it, so I can't comment on that aside from acknowledging it. A great story for sure, though. :twilightsmile:

Yuuuuuup, lots of porn. Lucky me. :trollestia:


Turn in your rainbow badge and pink pistol. :fluttershyouch:

Sure, that works!


Like how some people write Soarin as being obsessed with pie and extremely goofy in general.

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