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Cipher Splash squadron leader of the grand pegasus enclave, yes me and Cipher are females

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    Working on a Masterpiece

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    Taking out the trash

    Cleaned some of my storys which were rather crap, now got my 3 main ones left to work on

    oh and cleaned some messy blog posts


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    Major Story Rehaul

    Going to be improving stories this week

    Atm starting to restore the stories in order, only going to have 1 published until I have finished them

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    Improving stories

    World Ends with Ciphers- Book of Cipher's improved greatly

    Rest of the chapters are in development

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    Cipher's Block

    Eugh, stories suffering from writers block.

    Time for emergency music, GO DERPY GO

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Masterpiece · 10:27pm Feb 25th, 2015

Working on a Masterpiece

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what masterpiece would this be Cipher?

2830515 the password to it would be nice, I need the password

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