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  • 342 weeks
    Possibly the worst day Ive had in a while

    First, during chapel, I had to listen to probably the most homophobic "sermon" rant I've ever heard. Being a bisexual (In public, I say I'm a Pro-LGBT heterosexual.), I was severely offended. I actually considered being an Athiest for a bit, but I couldn't.

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  • 342 weeks
    EVEN MORE of a delay

    I submitted "The Beach Shack" and it still hasn't been accepted. Rly?

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  • 342 weeks
    Bit of a delay for upcoming clopfic.

    Me and a fellow user were initially planning on releasing the clopfic "The Beach Shack", but it failed moderation because it read as the characters being underaged.

    The other user is offline for 6 hours, so it's up to me to edit this.

    Expect the story to be released later today.

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    I'm not welcome anywhere

    So, I sit down with a group of people, including the cousins of the class idiot (who hates my guts), my brony friend, and someone who went to my old school.

    One of the cousins scooted away from me and eventually moved to another table.

    The kid from the old school and the brony friend stayed because they have nowhere else to go.

    I am not fucking welcome anywhere.

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  • 342 weeks
    Mini-rant: Christianity =/= Logic and Atheism = Logic?


    OK, I've been watching way too many anti-feminist videos, and the people who upload them are all atheists.

    One of these YouTubers had a gift shop of shirts and things, and one of these shirts pissed me off a little.

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Mini-rant: Christianity =/= Logic and Atheism = Logic? · 2:11am Feb 23rd, 2015


OK, I've been watching way too many anti-feminist videos, and the people who upload them are all atheists.

One of these YouTubers had a gift shop of shirts and things, and one of these shirts pissed me off a little.

One was of religious symbols representing the word 'fiction', and the other I think said something like "Atheist is Logic".

Basically, these people believe that religion does not have logic, while atheism has logic, which, in my opinion, is very bigoted and biased.

Religion can have logic in it. I am forced to study Christian Science, and that has a little too much logic. Well, religious logic, but still logic.

The Christians that atheists think believe in magic and not science an whatnot, and while there are stupid religious people And stupid atheists, most Christians aren't like that.

Well, I'm going to expect lots of arguments in the comments now.

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to be honest with you, in my opinion if religion didn't exist, a lot of bad shit today and throught history would have never happened, for example the whole ISIS situation wouldnt even be a thing, the American 911, wouldn't have happened, the crusades, the Middle Eastern wars, ect

There are stupid Atheists, and there are stupid Christians. So long as no one tries to force their beliefs on me, I have no problem with either. When someone tries to force their religion on me, however, that's when it bugs the hell out of me. Or when someone bases there opinion of someone based on their religion.

Me? I think it doesn't matter. I gave up on organized religion when I realized I was going what's right because I was afraid of hell, and not because I wanted to. Maybe theres a God, maybe there isn't. It makes no difference in the way I act or who I am. All religion does it cause people to argue and hate each other, not all people, but enough for it to annoy me, so I don't really care. You can believe whatever you want, so long as you don't piss on others for thinking differently, or force it on people with different beliefs, more power to you.

That's not to say I have a problem talking about it, I like hearing other peoples perspectives on things. So long as you keep it civil, I would love to hear about your beliefs and perceptions.



I think that if we do look at religion from a historic standpoint, Christianity really didn't show up until 2000 years ago, about. Their argument is that the Earth has been around for I-Don't-Even-Know amount of years, while the bible says they everything was created within a week.
I'm not gonna take a stance, but it really is either-or at this point.

Everyone is stupid. There are no smart people in this world. By this, I mean if you were smart, you would know everything, but no one knows everything; because of this, it makes someone 'stupid' or 'ignorant' in this subject. It would be more ignorant than stupid, but if you throw him into a debate with someone that does know the subject, they would think they are stupid.

My point is that this guy is stupid for thinking Christianity doesn't have logic. They do, to an extent, but Atheist also have logic, to an extent. Once they have reached the end of their cliff, they are dumbfounded and unsure whether to back track or jump.


I don't believe one can make such an assumption due to the natural fact that the world will 'create problems where there are none'. Even if all these events happened for religious purposes, one cannot say they wouldn't have happened if religion didn't exist because you have nothing to truly back that theory. In an alternate universe, for example, something similar could have happened for gay marriage, except if would be labeled under the idea that gay marriage cause the wars and fights to occur.

You can't really say that these events wouldn't have happened because of this reason because they probably would have happened even if religious wasn't the factor of distress. Humans will create a reason to start trouble even when there is no need for the trouble to exist. That is why there is no such thing as perfection because we can't be perfect if people keep complaining. We might have a brief moment where we will think "Hey, this is perfect!", but later down the road, someone will eventually say "Hey, I don't like this!" Whether they truly hate it for this reason, or they are creating an idea the disturbs the minds of the rest of the world, you can never know. All we do know is that, we can not have peace without war. If we didn't have war, then we wouldn't have the word peace, which is impossible for the human race since we will 'create a problem where there are none'.

That's just my reason as to why I don't believe in the phrase "This wouldn't have happened if that didn't exist." You can't really tell unless you experienced it not happening, and if it didn't happen because of said reason, it most likely would happen for another reason.

From hell, to you, and back again,
ST Soto Konoha, Fort Impression On Everypony

2822780 you know religion has been the cause for more wars than any other reason? what other reasons are there? land grabbing? ethnicity? politics? belief has been the main cause for many pointless wars and deaths alone. I've seen so many religious fanatics these days that I can barely see the good side to religion, to me the bad is currently outweighing the good, people killing people because there belief system is different to theirs? to me and some others that share my kind of opinion that's kinda fucked up, and all that shot with Isis and there beheadings yeah I know they've gone of the beaten fucking line when it comes to there religion but killing another like that because of the own beliefs, how the fuck can they call themselves a human sodding being

2822928 Like I said, even if religion didn't exist, those wars would most likely still occur because humans create problems where there are none for any reason they can muster. A lot of the times, the reasons posted on the war are irrelevant to the upbringing of terror; it is just there so they don't have to say "because we can." At best, the most honest people are the hackers that shut down Play Station and Xbox during the start of the new year. They simply did that because they knew they could. Did they need a reason to do it? Were they accomplishing something by doing it? Only showing they have the power to do it; however, they did not have a real reason for doing it.

This follows suite with a lot of the wars that have occurred. There most likely was no real reason for them to occur, and since they didn't have a reason, they wanted to make one to avoid the lack of one. Many of the wars, problems, and fights that have occurred would easily be changed with a couple words and still make sense. Honestly, only back when they believed in witch craft and fought with swords and arrows was the time humans could really say religion was the cause of their problems because it was the only thing they had to explain their existence. Making it their one-true belief, it would make sense that they would create a problem to hold on to their own beliefs. Now, will all the other religions, problems, and conflicting beliefs, it becomes so minute that it's no better than saying "I shot him because he said he doesn't like the color red."

Isis is more of a "We hate America" kind of group rather than "This is for religion" crisis, by the way. They may say "in the name of our deity" or anything religious about what they are doing, but that is simply following what they are doing rather than why. Beheading, especially by the use of one's own hands, is a painful way to die, and it is meant for instilling fear and seriousness in one's cause. To present the head of a man is very commonly used in this way throughout history; whether it have been done as proof of a confirmed kill or to lower the morale of its enemies. Being that America cares a lot about the people, every person beheaded, captured, and tortured is a lowering to our morale. Anyways, Isis didn't become at large because of the separate beliefs in religion or because their religion told them to do it. Isis genuinely hates America, and will do everything in their power to bring us to the ground. Does this include attacking other countries, as they have done? Yes because we care about everyone, including North Korea.

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