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All the 27 pieces of fan art Crimsion Ink did for my Derpy fanfic · 8:52pm Feb 21st, 2015

She has been exceptionally helpful in the making of my fanfic, and she even did all these pictures for me, just because she was so inspired while reading it. So this is my reward for you, to get the recognition you deserve. Please give her a follow here: Crimsion Ink

1: Dinky furious after Diamond Tiara makes fun of her mother's eyes

2 Derpy at the prom with her first coltfriend Shooting Star

3 Dinky asking Doctor Hooves if he has a crush on her mother

4 Derpy and Doctor Hooves playing some carnival games as Sweet Apple Acres

5 Derpy later falls asleep on Doctor Hooves

6 Derpy lost in thought at the prospect of dating again

7 Derpy and the Doctor being immature and having fun

8 Ghosts of the past come back to haunt Derpy, envisioning the new life she's started crashing down around her.

9 Derpy telling Dinky about her bad dream

10 Dinky encourages her mother, cheering her up

11 Derpy mad at Doctor Hooves. She was getting too romantic, and he didn't want to risk things going too far

12 Still mad at the Doctor Derpy takes her anger out on Dinky, hurting her feelings

13 Regretting taking her frustration out on her daughter she sends her a letter apologizing and asking her to come back

14 Dinky eagerly accepts, hating the thought of being distant with her mother

15 Their troubles resolved the two of them fall asleep together

16 Doctor Hooves making a public proposal to Derpy

17 While Derpy is away Dinky bonds with her new daddy, insisting on giving him a makeover, much to his embarrassment.

18 Derpy confronting her excoltfriend over the way he mistreated her in the past

19 Shooting Star admitting his past faults and mistakes to his new girlfriend Dream Catcher

20 Derpy returns home to some surprise to see the state the Doctor is in

21 Upon returning home Derpy is finally able to destroy the prom photo, severing the last piece of the past, even though it hurts

22 Over her sadness Derpy is ready to focus on the present

23 Derpy complimenting herself in the mirror, finally seeing her real worth

24 Twilight taking the podium before the wedding, saying some inspirational words to Derpy

25 The big day. The two of them are finally married

26 At the reception, dancing away

27 After their big day the two of them return home to be alone, snuggling up to each other as they go to sleep.

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Comments ( 10 )

Aww! That is so adorable!

D'awww:heart:Awesome art!

2818671 NP, great artist,

Very good.

Oh dear god these are adorable :fluttercry:

I was trying to keep track "#2 and 3 are my favs so far"
Then I scroll a bit "Oh 13 was nice, and 19 was hilarious..."

Then it's like "D'aWWWWWW" and my favorites list asploded. :raritydespair:

Also I still have to read the final two chapters! IT SHALL BE DONE BY MIDNIGHT hopefully

...It is time for me to read this fic off my "Read Later" list.

theze are good

that was too cute...

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