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Your favorite childhood games? · 9:55am Feb 21st, 2015

I'm gonna have to list 2, as one is console and the other is PC.

The first is for the PC, from 1995, Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol.

This game made up a large portion of my childhood. It's an old dungeon crawler I had wasted months away on. Say what you will about using arrows to navigate a black and white map with no visuals other than what was written in the dialogue box, it was fun as hell. I remember I only made it to about the 5th floor before the 90's Gateway we had crapped out.

The second is for the PS1, Army Men: World War.
Mainly cause it was fun to make my brother angry when we would play multiplayer. Not only that, but it was a generally fun game overall. I kind of think they need to reboot this series, cause it had a unique setup that I enjoyed greatly (plus, it's toy soldiers fighting one another, it just makes sense). Tan for the win!

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Commander Keen!

The fourth game in the series was the first good one, called Secret of the Oracle. Above is its title screen. It was shareware, so you could get it for free, but had to pay for the others. You need DOSBox to play it now.

His classic thumbs-up.

That's him firing his stun gun, then there's two Licks (the blue guys) behind him, one stunned, one not stunned. Also a stunned and un-stunned Slug, but you can't see them that well.

Dopefish, a legacy from Commander Keen. Still has references in modern games, including the original Borderlands. Just google "dopefish lives" or "dopefish easter egg" and see all the random places he shows up. :pinkiehappy:

Easy to find a place to download Keen 4, since it was shareware to begin with... got a link right here. Keen 5 and 6 aren't so easy, but I may try to find links when I'm not on work internet. Keens 1-3 weren't very good, Keen Dreams was pretty bad, but 4-6 were all solid and I recommend playing.


Also, Xargon.

As with Keen, there was one shareware and two non-shareware worth playing. The shareware was called Beyond Reality, also very easy to find (here), and also requires DOSBox to play.

Lots and lots of fun. You also shoot lasers out of your dick. :rainbowkiss:

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