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    Yello everyone! Pixel Berry here, and I might as well explain myself for lack of any activity on this site. And to be honest, I don't really have an excuse.

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    She was perfect! She was the one! But now she's gone.

    She was going to be the first real giant plushie that I could hug... that I could snuggle... but now someone else has her.

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    Now, before you start filling the comments with what you want and how you want it made, I have to put in a few things that I can and can't do due to my art style... as of this moment.

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Redo of Vocaloid in Equestria · 5:43pm Feb 19th, 2015

Hello everypony! It me, Pixel Berry98 and I'm sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but it seems that I have decided to restart this whole fic. Why, You ask? Well there is a lot of things wrong that made me have to lead up to this.

One is that to me(and maybe DJ) this story seems to be going nowhere. Sure, Star is busy making some Non-Canon chapters(even though she's the only one that does) but on certain chapter I seem quite confused on what is going on in the story itself.

Another is that we do have a plan for this fic, it just we haven't got into detail about that plan. One of the problems being difficult to have fast communication to me and the collabers.

And the last thing is that I just keep on thinking of new ideas for this story, but knows that we may not have enough time for my sometimes weird, but quite cool ideas. So until me and the other writers have this story ready within our mind. I'm sorry to say that I will restart the whole fic again. I am especially sorry to the other collabers, knowing that they might be working on another chapter, but won't be able to post it anymore. This fic will be open till Sunday, but after that. I will deleate the fic.

I'm so sorry.

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