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Creator of stories, reviewer of shitty fanfics, and hangs out with a fictional lesbian couple. I also like sexy RPs.

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  • 342 weeks
    Possibly the worst day Ive had in a while

    First, during chapel, I had to listen to probably the most homophobic "sermon" rant I've ever heard. Being a bisexual (In public, I say I'm a Pro-LGBT heterosexual.), I was severely offended. I actually considered being an Athiest for a bit, but I couldn't.

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  • 342 weeks
    EVEN MORE of a delay

    I submitted "The Beach Shack" and it still hasn't been accepted. Rly?

    0 comments · 215 views
  • 342 weeks
    Bit of a delay for upcoming clopfic.

    Me and a fellow user were initially planning on releasing the clopfic "The Beach Shack", but it failed moderation because it read as the characters being underaged.

    The other user is offline for 6 hours, so it's up to me to edit this.

    Expect the story to be released later today.

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  • 343 weeks
    I'm not welcome anywhere

    So, I sit down with a group of people, including the cousins of the class idiot (who hates my guts), my brony friend, and someone who went to my old school.

    One of the cousins scooted away from me and eventually moved to another table.

    The kid from the old school and the brony friend stayed because they have nowhere else to go.

    I am not fucking welcome anywhere.

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  • 343 weeks
    Mini-rant: Christianity =/= Logic and Atheism = Logic?


    OK, I've been watching way too many anti-feminist videos, and the people who upload them are all atheists.

    One of these YouTubers had a gift shop of shirts and things, and one of these shirts pissed me off a little.

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2812135 Hey your the one who said translate it


Yeah, and keep it to yourself.

Don't spoil it tomorrow.

2812135 I have no idea what you're talking about.


2812148 fine but its not nice to taunt coders by telling them to translate binary

2812175 fair enough I wont spoil it next time

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