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  • 513 weeks

    That's a very good question, I'm not sure where... It's lost in my library, I'm not even joking, I can't find it...

    Although no ones complained, I did still feel inclined to explain.

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  • 515 weeks
    Something I've been thinking about...

    Alright, sooo I was in this IRC place, y'know, the button on the right that says "chat" - on this website: www.fimfiction.net

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  • 515 weeks
    Update number 1!

    Well then... I've completely written chapter 2, but about 2 / 3 of the chapter is just some random rubbish junk strung together. It's going to take another short while to get this fic fully edited, and finally good enough for publishing.

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  • 517 weeks
    Ummm.... about that 3 - 5 day update.

    Well, I've attempted to keep to a schedule and give about 1 chapter update every few days, however, I am currently on day 2 and have only written about 1 / 5 of the next chapter.

    To be quite honest, I came up with this story idea about 2 months ago, and started writing it almost 6 weeks ago. In those 6 weeks I've only managed 2 chapters, one just being a prologue.

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  • 518 weeks
    To my current 0 followers...

    I am on the verge of releasing my VERY first MLP related fic. I do hope that it reaches everyone's expectations of what should be included in a good fic, both in terms of content and grammar :D

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Something I've been thinking about... · 3:24am Jul 6th, 2012

Alright, sooo I was in this IRC place, y'know, the button on the right that says "chat" - on this website: www.fimfiction.net

Aaaanyways, some people, I WON'T NAME WHO... but some people were having conversations about other people (eeyup, some really sophisticated grammar I'm using here) who don't read enough, and write terrible fics. Crazily enough, almost everyone in that IRC seems bright in one way or another. NOW, looking at my profile... I have about 470'000 read words aaaand feel as if I'm part of this "group" of inexperienced writers.


I have come up with an IDEA, that will help me get out of this current state, and into the "cool" zone - if you may.

I would like to ask YOU, my followers, to suggest 1 fic for me, and I will read it in 1 night. Obviously, some fics here you can't even READ in 1 night, so please keep it under... hrmmm..... 60'000 words, lets say?

If even just one or two of you could do this, it would be GREATLY appreciated, and I look forward to anything you guys send me. Thank you again!

P.S. I read ANYTHING. Clopfics, grimdark, rainbow adventures, you name it. So don't worry about finding the right book for me.

P.P.S. Th next chapter is nearing completion, expect it sometime this weekend.

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