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    Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is right! This blog contains spoilers to the way way way way way behind chapter nine and its untold riches of humor and serious story that partakes in Equestria. I'm having this chapter be a long one, which is one reason that it has taken this long, as well as work of course. Which has slowed a bit finally. Like I know I said that before, but that was before I got

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More apologies.... and a sneak peak at Chapter 9!!!!!! · 4:22am Feb 18th, 2015

Yes ladies and gentlemen, that is right! This blog contains spoilers to the way way way way way behind chapter nine and its untold riches of humor and serious story that partakes in Equestria. I'm having this chapter be a long one, which is one reason that it has taken this long, as well as work of course. Which has slowed a bit finally. Like I know I said that before, but that was before I got promoted and more money and responsibilities and blah =P So I've been taking my sweet time on this chapter, which I shouldn't have, but do know that it will be long, and worthwhile. Trixie is in it, Luna is in it, I'm in it! Wait.. no, I wrote it. I could be in it..... yeah, let's not do that. Oh well, for those who don't like spoilers, do avoid this. But for those who want to see some actual work and words and things, please read on! Perhaps comment and share your thoughts. I'd love to hear them after it's been so long! Enjoy! Also, just a quick note, this may not be the final version, as my editors and I like to change things around on occasion, but most of this part is done and pretty much like awesome.
Tears had begun to take shape below the lids of the purple dragon. A flood came rushing in causing Luna to look up at the young whelp mid bite of her furniture sized confection.

“I really wanted to help Twilight and sound like I did something! Like I didn’t just run, I wasn’t a coward, that I… that I could be someone special. Like Twilight and her friends.” Spike grabbed onto Luna, his tears running down the dark mares coat, cascading towards to plush marshmallow flooring.

Luna herself just stared at the dragon, unsure of what to do. “...There there.. Um, You’re special Spike, you… You send letters to Celestia. No other pony does that like you do.”

“But I could do so much more!”

“Packages as well?”

Luna patted the baby dragon atop his head, providing what comfort she could. Mostly just confused at the little dragon’s sudden outburst. A slight creak sounded from the door, slowly opening to reveal Celestia.

Luna looked towards the white mare, her lips mouthing the words “Help Me”. Celestia raised a brow, befuddled at the scene that was playing out before her.

“Am.. Am I interrupting somet-- What happened to my bed!?” She stammered at Luna, passing a glance towards her sister’s now white lips.

“Go away please, we’re mourning.” Spike sobbed.

Celestia blinked. “But my bed is…” Celestia stops, looking towards Luna, eyes filled with malice, “I’ll just.. Come ba-”

“No!” Luna stammered, “I mean, it must be important dear Sister, I can’t just shrug off my royal duties. Especially in this time of crisis.”

“No No Luna, I couldn’t pull you away from helping the needs of the citizens.”

“Does not many outweigh the needs of the few?” Luna pondered a moment. “Guard!” She shouted.

A guard came rushing into the chambers, “Yes your highness?” he inquired bowing.

“Sit here and comfort the dragon, I shall return.”

Before the guard could rebuttal the authoritative word of the princess, Luna and Celestia departed the room, though not before grabbing another chunk of the giant s’more, leaving the guard and Spike alone. The guard just looked at the dragon.

“So… You like Jenga?” The guard asked.


Celestia huffed down the hall, her long legs powerfully strutting forward. Luna followed close behind, trying to keep up with Celestia’s pace whilst simultaneously eating the sticky morsel.

“Where are we headed sister?”

Celestia stopped, “You ate my bed?”

“Well...” She gulped, finishing the last of the bed. “Maybe?”

“The Crystal Empire.”

“I didn’t eat the Crystal Empire!”

Celestia sighed, “No, Cadance and I have an idea on how to slow Discord’s chaos from the Crystal Empire.”

“You can… slow chaos?”

“I’ll explain once we’re there.” Celestia trotted out onto the balcony of the castle, her grand wings spread opened, as she dove off the side of her once luscious castle. The great walls now Mentos and Tic Tacs. Luna mimicked her sister, following her north.

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Comments ( 7 )

I can not wait for that chapter to come out. :pinkiehappy:

2806854 Glad to hear it! :twilightsmile:

Cool, glad to see progress is being made on the story. Personally I don't have a problem with you taking your time, quality over quantity, real life comes first, etc... All the same I'm glad you're still around and I look forward to the next chapter.

2809525 Thank you very much for the feedback, I'm just glad I have work to actually show you guys and that you can read and think about. Wait till you all see what happens with Trixie :raritywink: So how are you this fine day?

2809637 I am quite well this fine day, I was playing pokemon x and got a shiny pidgeot on wonder trade today (I've had the best luck with shinys lately, this is my sixth one this week). Do you play any of the games?

2809890 I do in fact! I have recently started playing Alpha Sapphire, but because of work and such I haven't finished it just yet lol. I have thankfully finished Pokemon X, and all the previous Gens. I'm also replaying my Pokemon yellow from when I bought it brand new for fun! :twilightsmile: There's a nice simple joy to replaying things of old. I also replayed Crash Team racing on the PlayStation. Wow do I feel old :derpytongue2: lol. But I can say that I have been enjoying the new makes on Pokemon, fun and different. Something almost new. but the same.

(Also, I've only ever caught one shiny, a Goldeen in Heart Gold. It was level 40.) :rainbowlaugh:

2809980 Cool, I've played a lot of different pokemon games in the past (I still have my old gameboys and a transfer cable) but pokemon x is the only one I ever "completed" the pokedex for oddly enough despite the insane number of pokemon. I put completed in quotes because event pokemon aren't required and often can't be traded anyway for being special so I don't actually have any. I could do a whole old timer rant about this; Back in my day there were only a hundred fifty pokemons and catching them all was something you could actually do! Not today where you need twenty games to transfer them from and events to receive them instead of catchin' em like yer supposed to! Why do they even say 'gotta catch em all' when some you literally can't catch and only receive through events?

Heh, if I had a Granny Smith emoticon to end my old timer rant with that would be perfect lol. Truth be told I don't get too upset over event pokemon, some of them are cool but I prefer my personally bred ones like this 5iv adamant shiny Hawlucha and 5iv adamant shiny Honedge duo called "Cloak and Dagger" and I wouldn't trade them for all the Meloettas in the pokemon world.

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