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  • 423 weeks
    New story on the way! :D

    Picked up a story idea from a group I joined, and now the first chapter is on its way through the approval process! It involves Fluttershy as the main character, and I hope you all enjoy it. :)

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  • 427 weeks

    I'm shocked, amazed, and grateful. My most recent story has gotten over 1000 views! Thank you all so much! ^___^

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  • 427 weeks
    Oh wow, never seen such a large queue!

    I submitted my story last night, woke up this morning and saw something I haven't seen with any of my stories yet....a queue position over 100! O___O Wow, so many stories ahead of mine! Haha.

    It's now position 32 or so, which means we'll see the story appear in about 5 hours if the new story posted every 10 minutes holds up. ^_^

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  • 427 weeks
    Some OCs I'm working on.

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  • 427 weeks
    Licorice Twist's story is upcoming!

    The Prologue to Licorice Twist's story in Ponyville has been submitted and is awaiting approval. :D Exciting! The prologue is short, but Chapter 1 -- A Dash and A Twist, should be longer. ^.^

    Also, meet a new pony!

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Some OCs I'm working on. · 11:46pm Jul 10th, 2012

This is Licorice Twist, adopted son of candy-makers Mint Twist and Taffy Twist. Candy-making wasn't his destiny, however, and a prowess for combat made him a good choice for the Royal Guard. After extensive training, he earned a place in the nightly Royal Guard. He takes his duty very seriously, and has buried himself under a stoic, unfriendly exterior.

Butterfly Kisses is an Earth pony who makes his home in Canterlot. Very sweet and gentle, all he wants is to be able to enjoy fashion and model beautiful clothing for designers on the runway. But the unfriendly reception he's gotten in Canterlot from the upper class, due to his being so feminine, has made him very shy and afraid to persue his passion.

Ashes is a fiesty Unicorn. Impulsive and brash, he's known as a trouble-maker and will likely charge horn-first into a problem before thinking it through. He's proficient in fire magic and his cutie mark is a horn with a crescent of fire coming from the tip, curving down around the horn.

This is basically to help me iron them out and give ideas of what they look like, since my drawing skills are abhorrent at best. ^_^

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