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    A Paranoid Tenno

    A Tenno that is capable of hiding it's severe paranoia from everyone he or she know's and has been for a good ten years. When the Tenno get's an idea to create a warp engine capable of traveling to another solar system and is about to test it when a Corpus ship appears and attack's the ship the Tenno is on. The attack damage's some of the technology connecting the bridge\ to the prototype warp

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    Looking for an editor.

    Looking for an editor for my story Dovahkiin in Equestria. Also looking for someone to bounce idea's with for each chapter throughout the story. I have a base idea on how the story will go.

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    Story adoption's

    Stories up for adoption:
    A Survivor Turned Alicorn

    Pm me on how to transfer stories if it's at all possible.

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    Displaced Android 18

    Just like the title suggest's, an Android #18 displaced fic. Not sure if there is one or not.

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    Them's Fighting Herd's and My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

    What if the title of this blog are not only in the same universe but on the same planet as well. They could be on opposite side's of the same planet. Considering that the character's of Them's Fighting Herd's and Friendship is Magic are both created by the same person, Lauren Faust.

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Dovahkiin and Follower · 9:20pm Feb 14th, 2015

Name: Araya
Age: 26
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Gender: Female
B/W/H: Above average for a Khajiit
Race: Khajiit
Armor: Nightingale Armor (Legendary)
Weapons: 2 Dragonbone Maces (Legendary), 1 Dragonbone Bow (Legendary)
Arrows: 200 Dragonbone arrows, 400 Glass arrows, 250 Daedric arrows, 300 Stalhirn arrows, 600 Elven arrows. 1750 arrows in all
Traveler's Pack: 2 sets of High Class clothing, 1,000 lockpick's, 60 Nord Mead and Ale, ingredients to make 6 bowls of horker and venison stew including tomato vegetable and potato soup, 6 Gold ingots, 6 Silver ingots, 10 Ebony ingots, 12 Refined Moonstone and 8 Refined Malachite. 6 common soul gem, 8 greater soul gem, and 10 grand soul gem, torch.
Known Affiliation's: The Companion's, Collage of Winterhold, The Thieves Guild and The Nightingale's

Name: Jodis the Sword-Maiden
Age: 26
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Gender: Female
B/W/H: Average
Race: Nord
Armor: Ebony Armor (Legendary)
Weapon's: Dragonbone Battleaxe (Legendary) Ebony Shield (Legendary) Ebony Bow (Legendary)
Arrows: Same amount as Araya
Traveler's Pack: 6 Goat Cheese Wheel, 6 Sliced Cheese Wheel, 6 Sliced Eider Wheel, 16 Mammoth Cheese Bowl, 20 Firewood, 2 spoons, forks and knives, torch, kettle

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