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Cipher Splash squadron leader of the grand pegasus enclave, yes me and Cipher are females

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    Taking out the trash

    Cleaned some of my storys which were rather crap, now got my 3 main ones left to work on

    oh and cleaned some messy blog posts


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    Going to be improving stories this week

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Taking out the trash · 9:08pm Feb 13th, 2015

Cleaned some of my storys which were rather crap, now got my 3 main ones left to work on

oh and cleaned some messy blog posts


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Comment posted by Thunder Lightning deleted Feb 13th, 2015


And I can delete you like this

*horn glows*



good boy

2794046 *Kisses Cipher*
"Lets have some fun" I say as I kiss her


*pulls out a puzzle*



*finishes it first*

"I win, out of 1000?"

2799458 I aint no good with puzzles


*eye twitch*

"why I have a foal with you again?"

*sits Midna down with a puzzle, who did it within two seconds*

"least she gets her brains from her mother"

2799478 "I guess I can try again"
*attempts puzzle again, gets it done in 3 seconds this time*
"Ha, I can do this" I say as I complete another one


*Cipher rolls her eyes and points to the stack of puzzles behind her*

"Win much?"

2799492 "Damn it" I say, noticing the stack of finished puzzles
"You do realize I had something a little more intimate planned when I said "Lets have some fun", you know that right" I ask


"you want to get intimate with Midna present?" she asked frowning

*She sniffs him*

"Have you been drinking again?" she asked with a growl.

Midna watches her parents fight with wide eyes

2799502 "Not with her present" I say
*hides the can of Hard Cider behind my back*


*Midna starts chugging them while Thunder was occupied*

*Cipher pushes her nose against Thunder's* "Really? MIDNA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" she screamed right in Thunder's ear.

Midna pointed her hoof at her daddy "Daddy told me I could have it" she lied.

Cipher shot daggers at Thunder, preparing to dish out some punishment

2799522 *tries to teleport away, but Cipher grabs my tail before I can*
*I shield my wings with electricity, knowing she might go for them*


*pushes him over* "you're sleeping on the sofa" she growled, *she pushed him towards the sofa*

*Midna then threw up*

"And you're cleaning that up little lady" she growled at Midna giving her a broom five times her size

2799549 "Damn it, I hate the sofa, also, I never told Midna she could have some, I just knew oyu would get angry anyways," I say

"Midna, why did you lie to your mother" I ask Midna, with a tone of anger in my voice


Cipher grabbed him by the ear, "Don't blame this on her" she growled *pushes him outside and locks the door on him*

"You can sleep on the doorstep" she hissed.

Midna blinked at her mother "can I have some more of Daddys drink" she asked sweetly.

Cipher smiled "of course you can darling, you can let Daddy clean the mess up too"

2799574 *I teleport back inside and sleep on the couch after cleaning up the mess*


*Midna comes in sleeps next to her Daddy*

"Daddy, Mommy is angry at you, you should snuggle with her" she said

2799598 "That's a good idea Midna" I say as I take her up to her room and tuck her into bed
"Next time, try to hide before drinking my cider" I say to her as I walk out of the room

*I get in the bed with Cipher and cuddle her*
"Please don't be mad at me" I say as I start to kiss her


Cipher snorts "who let you in the house?" she grumbled

*pushes him out of the bed*

"you're going to sit on Midna" she grumbled

2799621 "I can teleport remember, also, Midna is the one who told me to come up here and cuddle you, you must not have noticed her get out of bed" I say
*Cipher notices Midna is no longer in bed with her*

"I put her in her bed when I came up" I say


"you also got her drunk" she growled

*Cipher hid her stash of weed under the bed*

2799657 " I already know you have the weed, so if ya got it, share it" I say, as I pull out rolling papers and a bong

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