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(Sneak Peek) Always There! Chapter 12: By Your Side (Finale) · 3:16am Feb 8th, 2015

Hey guys, It's been a long time since I've been on this site. And I'm here to say that I'm still Alive

But the sad thing is that I don''t have my own personal computer YET, but I will tell you that I am able to continue with the final chapter of Always There. Ever since the my last blog I haven't touched the story at all, and it sucked (a lot). Now I am able to continue, BUT I am only able to write at certain times, and those times are rare. As of now I am using a siblings computer, and I'm only able to write when I can use it (which rarely happens). So far I've made little progress (500+ words). And I am trying to focus on finishing this story.

I am literally on the last ten paragraphs or so, which is the last scene of the chapter (It's the confession scene, the one that you've all been waiting for!).

And to prove that I am almost done, here is an excerpt from the chapter and of what's to come…

Chapter 12: By Your Side

Aden galloped as hard as he possibly could as the air whisked pass him. The sun was almost beyond the horizon now, it's bright orange streaks disappearing into the darkness that overtook the night.

I have to hurry. Those words have rushed in his mind for the past few minutes, screaming at him to run even harder with each passing second.
The lights of Ponyville shone into the sky, replacing the once radiant beams of Celestia's sun. And soon he found himself running through the night, the small glowing windows along with the light of the moon guiding him. He frantically searched for the gingerbread roof of Sugar Cube Corner, and after a few moments of sprinting through the town, the building finally came into sight. Aden breathed a sigh of relief as he slowed his pace down a notch, slowly walking past the bakery's front door.

"Why, hello there, Aden." A voice greeted him.

With once turn of his head, he saw that Mrs. Cake was at the doorstep.

"Hey! What you doing up at this hour, Mrs. Cake? Aren't you supposed to be in bed by now?" Aden asked out of curiosity.

The light cerulean mare chuckled at his response. "I was about to ask you the same thing."
Aden was just about to reply, but she spoke before he did.

"I already know what you're doing, dearie," she said knowingly. "And before you ask, she's waiting at the hill just east of here."

Mrs. Cake cld threw Aden off guard, but yet, it spiked his interest. "How do you know that I was looking for Rainbow Dash?"

She cracked a smile, and giggled. "Pinkie Pie always likes to talk about the two of you, and she's told me quite a lot actually.To be honest, I knew this was going to happen. It was just a matter of time before one of you tried to confess to the other, so I thought I'd give you a heads up."

Aden smiled with gratitude. "Wow, you know a lot about this kind of thing do you?" Aden questioned, still amazed at her knowledge.

"Remember, I was young once too you know," she responded as she started to walk back inside. "Good luck, Aden!" The door swung shut and the lights turned off.

He was pretty sure that she had stayed up just to help, if her baggy eyes weren't a clue. He wanted to say something to thank her, but that would have to wait for another day, he had some business to take care of. So he followed her directions and continued eastward, slowly approaching the secluded hill.

Aden was close now, and even though he had prepared for this beforehand, he began to feel anxious. The thing that worried him most was not what he was going to say, it was what Rainbow Dash had to say. So as he trotted, he started to think of what would happen. But as soon as he had started, he found that he was a at the bottom of the hill already. She had called him here to talk, so it had to be important. And there was a fifty-fifty chance of this going to end badly.

He looked up to the peak of the hill and moved forward. With every step he took , the peak of the hill revealed some pony sitting on top, bit by bit. It was her, rainbow mane and everything. Her back was turned towards him, and she was looking above. Aden didn't know what to do, so as he silently approached, he took a spot next to her. No words were said within the next few minutes, but as he expected, she was always the first one to start conversations.

Aden was mentally prepared for the flurry of shouts that was about to come, so he closed his eyes, and braced himself…


Did you really think that I'd let you see the rest? Well, sorry, you'll have to read the finale when it comes out!

(What you just read was the beginning of the final scene)

Stay awesome! The wait is almost over! ~ LuigiBoy781

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