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Flitter: Plushie Edition! · 2:57pm Feb 7th, 2015

Yesterday, I got a nice letter telling me there was a package ready for me to pick up at the local post office. So, I did that this morning.

Here's what it contained:

No, it did not contain me, nor the mess in my room. Just the plushie.

That's right. A changeling plushie. This little cutie was made by the inimitable SPark, who not only writes fantastic changeling stories, but also makes wonderful pony (and other) plushies. In fact, this is her day job, so my purchase not only got me an awesome plushie, but it also supported a fellow changeling-fic author. :twilightsmile:

Being a beanie, it's not too large; my magnificent International Ruler put it at 18 centimetres / 7 inches:

But really, screw the imperial system. There's a reason NASA doesn't use it, which involves some space rocket explosions.

Oh, and here's the best part: he has cute little holes in his legs! :yay:

Not pictured: Nyerguds squeeing so frikking hard at that.

Sweet Celestia, I love this little guy :pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 31 )


*inspects closely*

Yep. That is adorable.

Nice! This site needs moar changeling stories IMHO!
That Flitter plushie is a killer!

It's even better in person. Holding it feels like holding a kitten. Sooo soft :rainbowkiss:

2776111 Nice going, making me jealous here! xD

I want a changeling plushie even more now:raritydespair:

Curse being poor!

It's so cute! :pinkiehappy:

Though shouldn't that be 20cm? Must be an american changeling, shrinking whenever someone brings up the metric system :rainbowlaugh:

This is how they change hearts and minds. And darn tooting they should! But enjoy the adorable plushie!

Oooo, I wonder if we'll see legit Beanie Baby Changelings?

Sorry. It's 18 cm. I mistyped that :facehoof:

Heh, dunno. This was in fact not a commission (she does those too); she just posted a blog showing off a new plushie design she made, and the "how much to buy this?" question was posed pretty fast in the comments. I decided it was worth it, and I'm on IRC with her pretty much all the time, so, yeah... I just went for it :rainbowdetermined2:

Why can't I find sanity in your eyes?

Actually, all her plushies are changelings, just very well made.


I needz one! It's killing me with cuteness!:heart:

2776614 Because I'm CRRRRRAAAAZY! :pinkiecrazy:

2776886 We all are. Would sane people watch MLP?

Whoo! Changeling plushies for everyone! :pinkiehappy: :rainbowdetermined2:

(My own along side a Portal Turret plush.)

Hee! Nice one :D
(I got the official Companion Cube plushie :rainbowwild:)

2778426 Damn it! Must add to my collection... would make perfect companion for Build a Bear Fluttershy. Who also needs hair pins.

Society of Changeling-Fic Writers. Hmmm......

Ohey. You could technically count yourself amongst those, now? :rainbowlaugh:

2820693 Indeed. That comment was written before I published that chapter, so...

It was foreshadowing! :pinkiegasp:

*makes a mental note to buy this when s/he moves out*

Who, SPark? She sells 'em right now, I believe :unsuresweetie:

No, I made a mental note to buy one myself when I move out... kinda a closet-brony/pegasister xD (And I'm about to turn 17 xD)

Ohh. Heh. Working man here, got ponies on my desk at work. Never even glanced at that closet :twilightsheepish:

It's just around my family... If they found out, they'd probably assume that I'm gay right away xD (Which I am not... I couldn't give less fucks about gender anymore xD)

My class however... I might tell them about the Beautiful Rainbow Factory in an assignment :trollestia:

2967609 I don't know whether to dither over how adorable that is :raritystarry: ...

Or curse you for mocking me with it. :twilightangry2:


Note to self: Reread Flitter at some point.

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