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  • 244 weeks

    I really want to get re-involved into this community so baaaaaadly.
    It's been years!

    edit: it' 2019 now.....fuuuuuuuuuu-

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  • 321 weeks
    Real Busy for this whole time

    I've been doing a lot of stuff lately, I can see why people say they're busy all the time. I'm doing some stuff in DA as I'm enduring High School.
    Had some depressing moments here and there but I managed. I'm rather neutral now, just tired from doing all-nighters with studying and art commissions.

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  • 330 weeks
    Yay, I'm now called Oniichan

    Since I haven't updated in such a long time in anything, and this like a great excuse to at least do something here.

    Most of my activity has been done in DeviantArt, you can find me as the one and only MeowMadness.

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  • 351 weeks
    Reactions to Latest MLP episodes so far

    Cutie Map pt 1: oh....Auswitch
    Cutie Map pt2: Nevermind, welcome to North Korea

    Castle Sweet Castle: you fucked up the tree

    Bloom and Gloom: Confusion...

    Tanks for the Memories: scream and shout then cry.

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  • 355 weeks
    Another Toll

    Death#6: Keshon Brooks. A fellow freshmen who got repeatedly stabbed and died near my old middle school. Never knew as much but it caused huge things to happen at high school.

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another death toll... · 7:00am Feb 5th, 2015

Death#5: Kitty0607

Kitty was a popular YouTuber who died of leukemia about last month. He was a very optimistic guy who never seems to not do anything else besides make people happy.
Here's a video DasBoSchitt had made to honor Kitty0607...

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