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I haven't written anything in a long time and I don't know when I'm going to start, so don't get your hopes up for new chapters. Sorry.

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Coming Back · 9:18am Feb 4th, 2015

Well, I was on a family trip before, that a lot of people probably didn't know about. That went pretty well, lasted about a month and a half, might post a few photos if anyone's interested.

I know a lot of you want to see updates on Loyalty Among Thieves, but my muse is a fickle bitch with a very short attention span, who's given up on the Payday Crew in the time I've been away. So, unfortunately, it's going to have to wait a bit until I've gotten a few other things out of my system. That, and trying to write a first-time killer is something that I'm not used to. In the meantime, I'll probably post a couple of the things that I wind up scribbling down, though most of them will probably meet the digital equivalent of being balled up and thrown out (into a basket that's been overflowing since I first posted Knightmares.)

So, keep an eye out for that, lament the fact that I'm one of those guys who never finishes anything, get it all out of your system. Once I get back on a roll with LAT, it'll probably get done, but until then... I don't know. Maybe you'll like this other story too.

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